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Archive 2000

Minister Puts Valley Tourist Icon Under Threat

(Posted: 18/12/00)

The information below was provided by the Warburton Rail Trail Committee of Management.

Rally calls on Gov’t, School to "bridge the gap"

(Posted: 18/12/00)

"Bridge the Gap" was the resounding message protesters delivered to the Minister for Conservation & Environment Sherryl Garbutt and the Mount Lilydale College.

Blue Mountains Railtrail

(Posted: 18/12/00)

While railtrails are generally developed along abandoned railway corridors, the term "railtrail" can also describe trails built beside operating railways within the railway easement. A group is promoting the development of a trail from Mt Victoria to Katoomba.

Save the Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail

(Posted: 18/12/00)

The Committee of Management and Friends of the Warburton Trail appeal for your support to save this trail after a decision by the Minister for Environment and Conservation.

NSW Government Agencies briefed on Railtrails

(Posted: 16/11/00)

On Monday 13 November Mark Plummer, founder of Railtrails Australia briefed representatives from several New South Wales State Government Agencies on railtrails.

Warburton Trail: No Connection to Lilydale

(Posted: 12/11/00)

The Minister for Conservation, Sherryl Garbut has notified the Warburton Trail's committee that the Government will not to allow construction of the railtrail on the original alignment into Lilydale. A protest rally is being organised on Sunday 19 November 2000.

Railtrail Signage

(Posted: 02/11/00)

Railtrails Australia is developing standards for signage on railtrails. We are looking for interested parties to participate in this proces.

Can you Help?

(Posted: 01/11/00)

Railtrails Australia is looking for someone to maintain our subscriber database. We are also looking for a news editor for the web site. Can you help?

Results of the First National Tracks and Trails Conference

(Posted: 01/11/00)

Information from the First National Tracks and Trails Conference held in Mansfield in May is now available on-line at the Tourism Victoria web site.

Railtrails at the Melbourne Bicycle Show

(Posted: 01/11/00)

iltrails were well represented at the bike show in Melbourne on Sunday 15 October.

October Events (Victoria)

(Posted: 25/09/00)

October is packed with railtrail events in Victoria - two trail rides and a bike show.

Great Southern Rail Trail Update (Victoria)

(Posted: 25/09/00)

The next section of The Great Southern Rail Trail between Meeniyan and Stony Creek should be completed in the next 6-8 weeks, weather permitting.

"Old Beechy" Railtrail

(Posted: 21/08/00)

The Colac Otway Shire has decided to implement the Beechy line Railtrail Concept Plan.

Turana to Oberon Railtrail (New South Wales)

(Posted: 21/08/00)

The development of rail trails in New South Wales received a boost with an agreement reached on the principles of development for the Tarana - Oberon Track.

Mansfield Railtrail (Victoria)

(Posted: 06/08/00)

A short trailtrail has been constructed in the town of Mansfield to link the visitor information centre with a local nature reserve.

Willunga Railtrail (South Australia)

(Posted: 06/08/00)

Developement of the Willunga Railtrail continues with the restoration of the former railway bridge over the Onkaparinga River. The Willunga Railtrail runs through Adelaide's southern suburbs.

Victorian Government Funding for Railtrails

(Posted: 29/07/00)

In answer to a question in Victorian Parliament, the Minister for Environment and Conservation stated that funding has not been provided for railtrails in the 2000-01 budget but $975,000 has been provided for two specific railtrail development projects.

Turana to Oberon Railtrail (New South Wales)

(Posted: 29/07/00)

The NSW Government is supporting a new railtrail between Turana to Oberon utilising the "trails between rails" concept.

Victorian Railtrail News Update

(Posted: 02/07/00)

Sealing of the East Gippsland Rail Trail is under way. Progress on the Ballarat Skipton Rail Trail.

Gippsland Railtrails News

(Posted: 17/06/00)

Work continues on the next section of the East Gippsland Rail Trail. Reports from Gippsland Plains, Great Southern and Walhalla Goldfields railtrails. Plans for an Gippsland Rail Trail newsletter.

Warburton Trail News

(Posted: 17/06/00)

The Warburton Trail is conducting a user survey, to our knowledge the first such survey conducted on an Australian railtrail.

Anderson to Wonthaggi Rail Trail Award

(Posted: 21/05/00)

The Bass Coast Shire has been highly commended in the 1999 Heart Foundation Local Government Awards for the Anderson to Wonthaggi Rail Trail.

Report on Mirboo North Annual Ride

(Posted: 18/05/00)

The annual ride between Boolarra and Mirboo North took place on 7 May 2000.

Conference Report - First Australian Tracks and Trails Conference

(Posted: 18/05/00)

Railtrails were well covered at the First Australian Tracks and Trails Conference held near Mansfield between 11 and 13 May. Vince Aitkin from Railtrails Australia presented a paper on "Railtrails Linking Communities".

Benalla By-Election

(Posted: 01/05/00)

The Benalla by election on May 13 represents a chance for the candidates to support the proposal for a railtrail from Yea to Mansfield.

Australian Railtrails News Roundup

(Posted: 15/04/00)

News on railtrail developments in News South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria.

Mirboo North Annual Ride

(Posted: 13/04/00)

The third annual Mirboo North to Boolarra Rail Trail Ride will be held on Sunday 7 May 2000.

First Australian Tracks and Trails Conference

(Posted: 13/04/00)

The first Australian Tracks and Trails Conference will be held in Victoria from 11 to 13 May 2000.

Railtrails Australia announces new Mission Statement

(Posted: 31/03/00)

Railtrails Australia has recently undertaken a planning process to look at long term goals and strategies for the organisation.

West Warburton Wander

(Posted: 31/03/00)

The Light Railway Research Society will be conducting a walk on former tramways in the West Warburton area on Sunday 16 April 2000.

Victorian Trail Update

(Posted: 07/03/00)

Updates on the Warburton Trail, Bonnie Doon Bridge and Yea railtrails.

New contacts for Railtrails Australia

(Posted: 19/02/00)

Railtrails Australia has new phone and fax numbers.

Murray to Mountains Opening

(Posted: 19/02/00)

The Bright to Myrtleford section of the Murray to Mountains Railtrail was opened on Thursday 10 February.

Opening of Bellarine Peninsular Railtrail

(Posted: 19/02/00)

The 16 km section of trail between Queenscliff and Drysdale was opened on Saturday 12 February 2000.

Bairnsdale to Bruthen Annual Community Ride

(Posted: 19/02/00)

30 km ride on Saturday 25 March.