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Archive 2001

Rail Trails of Victoria and South Australia is now available

(Posted: 12/12/01)

The new edition of our popular guide to Victorian rail trails is now available. Order now for Christmas!

"Rail Trail" or "Railtrail" - what's in a name?

(Posted: 14/10/01)

How do you spell "rail trail" anyway?

New Edition of Rail Trails of Victoria and South Australia

(Posted: 14/10/01)

Railtrails Australia is producing a new edition of their Victorian rail trail guidebook. Fully revised, the new edition now also includes South Australian rail trails.

Brisbane River Valley Rail Trail At Critical Stage

(Posted: 13/10/01)

Railtrails Australia has been monitoring the possibility of a rail trail along at least part of the historic Brisbane River Valley railway.

Treasurer for Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail

(Posted: 14/08/01)

The Friends of the Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail is looking for someone to fill to role of treasurer.

Victorian Trail Developments

(Posted: 14/08/01)

There have been developments a number of trails around Victoria.

Warburton Trail Photographic Competition

(Posted: 13/08/01)

The Friends of the Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail are holding a photographic competition to celebrate the centenary of the Warburton Railway.

New uses for closed lines (Vic)

(Posted: 04/07/01)

The Victorian Government is planning to use railway corridors for the roll-out of cable for broadband networks.

Great Southern Rail Trail (Vic)

(Posted: 04/07/01)

The Great Southern Rail Trail have a new information brochure.

Bellarine Peninsular Rail Trail Update (Vic)

(Posted: 27/05/01)

Update on the trail around Drysdale and the Bellarine Peninsular Tourist Railway.

Upper Blue Mountains Rail Trail (NSW)

(Posted: 25/05/01)

Support for the Upper Blue Mountains Rail Trail is gaining momentum.

Moe to Yallourn Rail Trail Extended (Vic)

(Posted: 29/04/01)

The Moe to Yallourn Rail Trail is being extended from Sullivans Track where it currently finishes to Yallourn. It is planned to extend the trail a further 5 km along a road to Yallourn North.

Tasmanian West Coast Trails added to the site

(Posted: 22/04/01)

Descriptions of railtrails on the Tasmanian West Coast are now available on the Railtrails Australia web site. A more detailed article on these trails will also be appearing in the Railtrails Australia Newsletter.

Opening of railtrail to Beechworth (Vic)

(Posted: 22/04/01)

Hundreds of cyclists flocked to Beechworth for the opening of the trail from Everton to Beechworth (includes photos of the opening).

Victorian Railtrail Funding

(Posted: 11/04/01)

Bicycle Victoria continues push for reinstatement of Victorian Rail Trails Project Funding.

Tasmanian Railtrail Update

(Posted: 10/04/01)

Works have started on upgrading the railtrail to the Montezuma Falls on the state's west coast. An article on west coast Railtrails is being prepared for the Railtrails Australia newsletter.

New President for US Rails-to-Trails Conservancy

(Posted: 10/04/01)

Update on railtrail matters in the US.

Opening of the Murray to the Mountains Trail: Beechworth to Everton (Vic)

(Posted: 10/04/01)

The opening of this railtrail will be held on Easter Monday, 16 April. Details are now available.

New edition of Railtrails of Victoria

(Posted: 14/03/01)

Railtrails Australia is planning a new edition of our guide to Victorian railtrails timed for the end of this year. Tell us what you would like to see in the new edition for a chance to win a copy of the new guide.

US Railtrail Reports

(Posted: 15/02/01)

Reports from the US Rails to Trails Conservancy on trails beside existing railway lines.

Scout Badges feature Railtrails

(Posted: 15/02/01)

Victorian scouts can get achieve badges for 'doing' railtrails.

Gippsland Trail News (Vic)

(Posted: 15/02/01)

Works on the East Gippsland trail are progressing. The spectacular Kilcunda Trestle Bridge is now open for trail users. Developments on the Walhalla Goldfields Rail Trail.

Great Southern Rail Trail (Vic)

(Posted: 15/02/01)

A new 3.5 km section of the trail is now open from Meeniyan to Stony Creek and work has started on a further 22 km. A survey of the trail has been conducted.

Murray to the Mountains Rail Trail (Vic)

(Posted: 15/02/01)

A new section of the railtrail from Beechworth to Everton is now effectively complete. A 3-day ride is planned over the Labour Day weekend.