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Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail - Trail Description



Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail

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Type: Rail trail
Location: Yarra Valley, east of Melbourne
Start/end: Lilydale to Warburton
Status: Open
Length open: 40km
Surface: Fine gravel
Terrain: Open forest, farmland, hills
Best seasons: All seasons
Public transport: Train
Features: tourist
Contact Region: Melbourne, Yarra Valley, Geelong, Bellarine & Mornington Peninsulas
The long bridge near Woori Yallock today, well, when it was restored in 1998.
The long bridge near Woori Yallock today, well, when it was restored in 1998.
Suitable for walking Suitable for cycling mountain bikes Suitable for cycling touring hybrid bikes Suitable for horse riding Suitable for prams



  • With a backdrop of mountains including Yarra Ranges National Park this trail passes through a scenic landscape following the Yarra River Valley.
  • Plenty of good places to stay and great things to consume in the region’s cafes, pubs, wineries and restaurants.
  • The trail has a climb up to Mt Evelyn from both directions
  • There are still some crossings of busy roads remaining that take care and patience.
  • There is strong community support to extend this rail trail to Yarra Glen, refer future developments below


This rail trail is one of Australia's most popular, starting from the end of the metropolitan rail network at Lilydale then heading through increasingly rural landscape to the resort town of Warburton nestled in the mountains.

Recent significant improvements to the rail trail include opening of the long awaitied "Red Bridge" over the 6 lane Maroondah Highway at Lilydale and completion of the link back to Lilydale railway station.  Traffic lights are now operational at York Rd, Mt Evelyn.

Most of the original station platforms are still present with replica station signage, however many station buildings have been lost through time. The Station building at Yarra Junction is the original building from Lilydale Station and is now a museum.

Access Points

  • Lilydale Station, Lilydale. Plenty of car parking and access from the Melbourne Metropolitan Train network.
  • Anderson St. Lilydale. Some car parking available.
  • Maroondah Highway, Lilydale. No car parking, but an easy-to-find hub for walkers, cyclists and horse riders.
  • Old Gippsland Rd. Lilydale. Good car parking available.
  • Wray Crescent, My Evelyn. The site of the original Mt Evelyn Station has plenty of car parking and community facilities with toilets nearby.
  • Monbulk Rd. Mt Evelyn. Car parking available.
  • Warburton Highway, Wandin North. Near the site of the original Wnadin Station. Car parking and picnic areas available.
  • Seville Station, Seville. Car parking available near the original station site on the north side of Victoria Rd. Carriage Cafe is a short walk on the south side of Victoria Rd.
  • Killara Station, between Seville and Woori Yallock. Car parking available in Kylie Lane. Picnic table available also.
  • Woorii Yallock Station. Car parking available at the bottom of Syme Rd.
  • Healesville-Koo Wee Rup Rd, Woori Yallock. Limited car parking beside the road.
  • Launching Place General Store, plenty of car parking available near the former station site.
  • Yarra Junction. Plenty of car parking available.
  • Warburton. Car parking at the former station site the town.

Background Information

The Warburton railway line was opened in 1901 to ferry farm produce from the Yarra Valley to Melbourne. Timber was also a major commodity being transported on the line after many tramways through the yarra Valley forests were linked with the line at Warburton and Yarra Junction. The line closed in 1965 and the track removed  in 1969. Rails are still be visible at some of the level crossings.

An historic bridge near Anderson St. Lilydale is on the original alignment of the road over the railway until the road was moved to the level crossing at the current location.  The new Maroondah Hwy bridge has been designed to resemble the original much smaller bridge removed many decades ago.

Future Developments - Extension to Yarra Glen

The Yarra Glen Rail Trail has been proposed for quite a while and is now being strongly considered as an extension of the Warburton Rail Trail from Lilydale. When completed it will allow a real rail trail experience of the beautiful Yarra Valley from the Yarra River at Yarra Glen to the Yarra River at Warburton. This extension will bring the rail trail to over 50 kms in length.

The line from Lilydale to Healesville was closed by the Victorian Railways in 1981. The Yarra Valley Railway has an Order in Council for the Yarra Glen - Healesville section and currently run services between Healesville and one of the major features of the line, a tunnel about 4km away.  Reconstruction of the line on to Yarra Glen to connect with the rail trail is underway.

Tragically the impressive wooden bridges across the Yarra River flood plains were burnt to the ground in the February 2009 bushfires. These bridges were almost 500m long and were on the Lilydale side of Yarra Glen.The Yarra Glen rail trail extension would provide a safe and convenient commuting and exercise route to Lilydale for Yarra Glen residents. The rail trail would also complement the Yarra Valley Railway as currently occurs on the Bellarine Rail Trail near Geelong.


The Warburton Rail Trail is managed by the Shire of Yarra Ranges. Contact them via the link below regarding damage to the trail from flooding or fallen trees, etc. Please note, however that when reporting issues with the trail do not quote the Emergency Marker numbers to identify the location because the Shire's maintenance dispatch system is not compatible. They are for use by Emergency Services only.

Support Services and Attractions

Cog Bike Cafe

Bike Hire and Great Food on the rail trail at Warburton

Carriage Cafe Seville

Carriage Cafe, Seville

Cafe right on the rail trail at Seville with real old railway ambiance

Pedal Pickups

Pedal Pickups is a tour transport service to walkers & cyclists in the Yarra Valley area & surrounds

February 2015

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Contact Us About This Trail

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10 November , 2014 by smithy1000

Hi if people are a bit weary of horses, best thing to do is ride on the opposite side slow until you have passed them both good for riders and on bikes and horses, and please be patient.

02 June , 2014 by Kaz

I had a wonderful ride from Woori Yallock to Mt Evelyn on the weekend ... perfect weather, no wind. I have to agree with some of the other comments regarding horse poo, it was everywhere, and also there were a group of horse riders and the biggest horse in the group was kicking its back legs out, very scary if you're on a bike.

17 March , 2014 by stanford67

Rode the whole trail in early March. A great trail. I left the car at Killara (Gruyere?) and rode to Lilydale, then to Warby, then back to the car (80km all up) - riding up the Mt Evelyn grade towards the end of an 80km return trip didn't sound like something I wanted to experience! Plenty to see along the way, from suburban scenery to farmland to mountain ranges. Trail in good condition, but was an abundance of horsey poo in some places. This trail is used a lot, especially between Woori Yallock and Lilydale so watch out for other trail users.

05 May , 2013 by nickbarker

Excellent ride this weekend with a perfectly maintained trail. Great weather too - not too hot or cold. We stayed overnight in Warburton at Oscars on the Yarra (excellent by the way) before returning the following day. Lots of "horse manure' around though which was a shame. Some sections were like a poo slalom!

19 February , 2013 by bike tourist

On Saturday the 16th of February 2013 we rode the trail from Lilydale to Warburton and it was fabulous. We are from interstate on a cycling holiday based in Melbourne and over the last 12 months we have enjoyed riding about 9 of the Victorian trail trails following the set of Rail Trail maps. On advice from that map were intending to catch the Martyr's Bus service back from Warburton " if the driver had room" the brochure said. Well the truth is that the bus can only carry one bike. Luckily at 4.30pm it was a very pleasant late afternoon because we found ourselves having to ride the return 38 kms unexpectedly to get back to Lilydale. We made it but we just wanted to alert others to this possibility. We were quite lucky because the train line at Lilydale had been restored after having been out of service that afternoon too and a substitute bus service provided, which is of course not much use to tired cyclists. The trail itself was excellent , very well maintained and picturesque .

21 August , 2012 by OTCK

Love this trail with some great wildlife on the way too.

18 March , 2012 by rickp

Some minor storm damage to the new section of the trail around Mt Lilydale Mercy College was recently repaired by extending the sealed section further down the hill. Drainage was also improved along the length of this section to the top.

14 March , 2012 by LauraW

This is a great rail trail, I enjoyed walking on it as part of the Oxfam Trailwalker and it's also great to cycle on. I've written a write up of our ride on my blog:

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Support the Rail Trail to Yarra Glen

(Posted: 26/02/14)

Local help is needed to support the extensions of the wonderful Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail to Yarra Glen


Funding for Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail

(Posted: 02/06/13)


The Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail has received funding to get five heritage station sites transformed into visitor nodes.


Champion Axemen Return for Crank-Up (Warburton Rail Trail VIC)

(Posted: 21/03/13)

The Upper Yarra Museum on the Warburton Rail Trail Presents the The Annual Crank-Up Wood Chop Competition. More...

Pre-registrations Closed for the Warburton Trail Celebration (VIC)

(Posted: 15/10/11)

But you can still register on the day of Run Walk Ride the Warburton Rail Trail.


Warburton Rail Trail Maroondah Highway Bridge Completed (VIC)

(Posted: 09/07/11)

The long awaited bridge over the Maroondah highway in Lilydale is finally complete.


Warburton Rail Trail Bridge Spans Installed (VIC)

(Posted: 19/01/11)

Central Span of new Bridge installed over night.


Warburton Rail Trail bridge Installation Jan 15-17 (VIC)

(Posted: 12/01/11)

The central and southern spans will be installed on this weekend, weather permitting.



Warburton Rail Trail Bridge – Final Stages of Construction (VIC)

(Posted: 01/12/10)

Final stages of Warburton Rail Trail Bridge Contruciton Fast Approaching.


Warburton Trail Bridge (VIC)

(Posted: 08/08/10)

Construction of the Warburton Trail Bridge over Maroondah Highway has begun.


Warburton Rail Trail (Vic) Maroondah Highway Bridge at Lilydale

(Posted: 22/03/09)

Following council approval construction is set to begin late 2009


Warburton Rail Trail (Victoria) - Tourist Interpretation Shelter Opening

(Posted: 12/06/07)

A new tourist interpretation shelter will be officially opened at Wandin on Saturday 16 June.


Funding for Maroondah Hwy bridge on Warburton Trail (Vic)

(Posted: 26/06/06)

Funding will be provided for the construction of a bridge over Maroondah Highway on the Lilydale - Warburton Rail Trail.


Oxfam Trailwalker

(Posted: 11/03/05)

Oxfam are conducting a 100 km walking/jogging event in Victoria and part of the course is a rail trail. More...

Rail Trails on TV (Vic)

(Posted: 25/09/03)

Rail trails will feature on the Channel 7 Melbourne Discover program this Sunday 28 September at 5:30pm (rescheduled). More...

Rail trails on TV (Vic)

(Posted: 05/09/03)

The Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail will feature on Channel 7's "Discover" program on 21 September 2003. More...

Artistic Rail Trail

(Posted: 23/07/03)

The Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail at Yarra Junction will be the venue for a new art and environment project. More...

Warburton Trail Photographic Competition

(Posted: 11/01/02)

Winners of the Warburton Trail Photographic Competition. More...

Treasurer for Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail

(Posted: 14/08/01)

The Friends of the Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail is looking for someone to fill to role of treasurer. More...

Warburton Trail Photographic Competition

(Posted: 13/08/01)

The Friends of the Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail are holding a photographic competition to celebrate the centenary of the Warburton Railway.


Minister Puts Valley Tourist Icon Under Threat

(Posted: 18/12/00)

The information below was provided by the Warburton Rail Trail Committee of Management. More...

Rally calls on Gov’t, School to "bridge the gap"

(Posted: 18/12/00)

"Bridge the Gap" was the resounding message protesters delivered to the Minister for Conservation & Environment Sherryl Garbutt and the Mount Lilydale College. More...

Save the Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail

(Posted: 18/12/00)

The Committee of Management and Friends of the Warburton Trail appeal for your support to save this trail after a decision by the Minister for Environment and Conservation. More...

Warburton Trail: No Connection to Lilydale

(Posted: 12/11/00)

The Minister for Conservation, Sherryl Garbut has notified the Warburton Trail's committee that the Government will not to allow construction of the railtrail on the original alignment into Lilydale. A protest rally is being organised on Sunday 19 November 2000. More...

Victorian Railtrail News Update

(Posted: 02/07/00)

Sealing of the East Gippsland Rail Trail is under way. Progress on the Ballarat Skipton Rail Trail.


Warburton Trail News

(Posted: 17/06/00)

The Warburton Trail is conducting a user survey, to our knowledge the first such survey conducted on an Australian railtrail. More...

West Warburton Wander

(Posted: 31/03/00)

The Light Railway Research Society will be conducting a walk on former tramways in the West Warburton area on Sunday 16 April 2000. More...

Warburton Trail Developments

(Posted: 22/12/99)

The section of the trail from Lilydale Station to Anderson Street is now trafficable. More...