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The Riesling Trail Management Committee, with assistance from the Federal Government, SA Government Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing and the Grosset Gaia Fund, has replaced the existing bridge on the Riesling Trail  with a new bridge which is 3 metres wide.

Approximately 2km south of Clare, the Riesling Trail crosses Quarry Road via a narrow red arch bridge. The bridge, at 1.5 metres wide, has always been a problem for cyclists to negotiate particularly when the trail is busy.

The bridge was removed approximately 3 weeks ago so that the distinctive red arch sides of the old bridge could be restored and fixed to the sides of the new bridge. The project, which has cost $110,000, was designed and constructed by local businesses based in Clare. The new bridge is now open and operational in time for Christmas holiday makers.

A cyclist on the new Quarry Road Bridge

Allan Mayfield Rieling Trail Committee of Management Chairman on the new Quarry Road Bridge