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About Rail Trails Australia

Rail Trails Australia is a predominatly volunteer, not-for-profit, organisation which works for the development and promotion of a rail trail network Australia-wide.

We have published guidebooks for rail trails in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania which promote the concept of rail trails and facilitate their use.

Our website provides free comprehensive up-to-date descriptions of all rail trails in Australia.

Rail Trails Australia receives no government funding and relies on sales from products and donations from supporters to carry out our work.

Rail Trails Australia is part of a growing international movement to develop and promote rail trails. Similar groups operate in other coutnries including the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom that are:

  • engaging the community in supporting trail development
  • advocacy to all levels of government
  • expanding and marketing the network
  • supporting committees of management
  • sponsoring conferences and workshops to enhance skills and assist new rail trail development
  • developing technical documents to assist groups setting up and maintaing rail trails

We publish a quarterly magazine Rail Trail Connections for members and rail trail organisations.

For details of the committee and other volunteers involved please refer to Contact Us.