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East Gippsland Sealing

Sealing of the East Gippsland Rail Trail between Bairnsdale and Nicholson is now under way. The first 4.5 km is now complete. The photos below show the new surface. This section of the trail receives the highest use and will make the trail more accessible to families and users of road bikes.

Update 4 July 2000: Sealing is now complete to Nicholson. Work is almost complete on regarding the gravel and dirt surface between Nicholson and Bruthen.

... Bill Storer, Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Bairnsdale.












Ballarat Skipton Rail Trail

Extensive spraying of gorse, pruning back of tree branches and some resurfacing of various parts of the trail has taken place, making the trail easier to use. There has been a noticeable increase in usage of the trail over recent months. A number of illegal fences have been removed; removal of fences remains an on-going management issue.

Works to open Nimons Bridge and restore the rail-over-road bridge in Linton have not commenced owing to a lack of funding.

It is planned to erect signs at road crossings and station sites in the next couple of months.

... Hedley Thomson, Railtrail Committee of Mangement.