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The first Trains'n'Timber Festival was held on 2nd and 3rd November. The festival recongnised the area's history in both these areas. The railway opened through to Cudgewa in 1921, closing in 1981. Shelley was the highest railway station on the Victorian Railways.

Timber plantation tour.
Timber plantation tour. Alexander McCooke

The festival featured displays from the area's timber industry and the Cudgewa railway. Tours were run of the local timber plantations to show how modern timber harvesting is performed.

Plantation lookout.
Plantation lookout. Alexander McCooke
Timber collection area for plantation.
Timber collection area for plantation. Alexander McCooke

The railway platform at Shelley is currently being restored. The area has been cleared and the platform face is currently being rebuilt. Speeches were made at the station site to mark the restoration. Speakers included Russ Ritchie (former divisional Forester) and Lloyd Holmes (railway historian, author of The Branch Line). David Heale from NRE read out a message from Minister Sherryl Garbutt announcing her approval for the creation of a rail trail from Shelley to Keotong.

Speeches at Shelley Station.
Speeches at Shelley Station. Alexander McCooke
The local group involved in the restoration of Shelley Station.
The local group involved in the restoration of Shelley Station. Alexander McCooke

After the speeches, a bike ride was organised along the former railway toward Keotong. The trail is a little rough at present, but when opened will make a fantastic rail trail.

Cycling along the future rail trail.
Cycling along the future rail trail. Alexander McCooke