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Approximately 13.5km of trail has been developed as a multi-use trail for walking, cycling and horse riding. The trail is wide enough for two horses to walk comfortably side by side.

The trail surface is predominantly natural compacted gravel surface and not recommended for disabled persons (wheelchairs etc) due to areas of loose gravel (particularly during summer) and water on the surface (during winter months). There are numerous bridges along the first 5 kilometres crossing a major river and creeks and streams of varying sizes, all with railings.

The trail passes through natural bushland and between farmland to provide the users of the trail with a diverse landscape to enjoy. With the developing viticultural industry within the area, the trail borders vineyards as well.

The trail follows the alignment of the Discontinued Busselton-Flinders Bay Railway line and Shire of Augusta-Margaret River is working towards extending the trail south towards Augusta and Cape Leeuwi in the medium term (5-10 years).

Source: Kevin Waddington, Executive/Property Officer, Shire of Augusta-Margaret River WA