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Rail Trail Establishment Guidelines

We have produced a manual outlining the the steps to get a rail trail established. It includes an extensive array of documents in the appendix that would be of assistance to those thinking of establishing a rail trail or maintaining an open rail trail.

One of the documents in the appendix is the story of the 134km Great Victorian Rail Trail, which would be of interest to anyone wanting to know what is involved in constructing a major rail trail.  Download here (4.3MB)

You can download the base manual document here (900KB PDF document).

The appendices are only on the CD-ROM, which can be obtained by contacting us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



1.1. General
1.2. What Are Rail Trails
1.3. Why Are They Popular
1.4. Where Are They
1.5. What about Rails-with-Trails!
1.6. Railtrails Australia's Role
1.7. About Railtrails Australia
2.1. Initial Concepts
2.2. Feasibility Studies
2.3. Management Models
2.4. Funding
3.1. Trail Surfaces
3.2. Bridges
3.3. Signage
3.4. Fencing and Access Control
3.5. Code of Conduct for Trail Users
3.6. Logo
5. APPENDICES (From Australia) [on CD-ROM only]
6. APPENDICES (From Overseas) [on CD-ROM only]
7. APPENDIX H - Rail Trail Consultants [on CD-ROM only]