Boorowa to Galong Rail Trail Moving Forward


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One comment on “Boorowa to Galong Rail Trail Moving Forward”

Never having been to Boorowa until about 10 years ago I've now spent time there on half a dozen occasions since. A great little town. An early recommendation would be an early start to planting trees. Another would be to ask council to start lobbying the state government to start considering reinstating Galong station. The hardest ask would then be to organise NSW Rail to allow bicycles to be carried unboxed on regional NSW trains. All this will take perseverance and patience. Eventually the successes of Tumbarumba and Northern Rivers, let alone Victoria, will sink in. Galong will be revived. A 2 day ride from Galong to Boorowa and back, then jumping back on the train for a ride to Wangaratta. What a hoot!

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