Cycling Debate (Melbourne)

The following is not directly rail trail related, but of interest to cyclists:

On Wednesday the 11th of September at 7.30pm to 9.30pm a great debate is being held

“The Bicycle: The Solution to our 21st Century Urban Traffic Problem”

At Monash University Clayton Campus, Melbourne, Building 72 Room E7 see Melway map 70 (G10) and for a map of campus see Melway Map 475 non-car access, the nearest railway station is Huntingdale connecting bus number 630.

Monash University Departments of Geography and Environmental Science, Institute of Transport Systems, the Monash Green Office Program and the Cycling Promotion Fund have been organising this event to foster debate, open up dialogue, raise issues in relation to the bicycle as transport solution in urban environments.

There will be a great panel of speakers

Pro: Charlie Farren, BFA, Harry Barber BV, Mike Hill VLGA

Against: John Stanley, Buss Association Victoria, Dr. Max Lay, RACV, Geoff Rose, Institute of Transport Systems Monash

the Comedian Justin Hamilton will chair the Debate.

After the debate the speakers will form a panel which will answer questions from the Audience.

Please come along, let your members know and join in this interesting debate.

Clubs and Bugs are welcome to bring along information about their organisation to raise their profile and educate and inform the audience.

Students have developed fliers and posters which are available for interested groups for distribution. Let me know if you want some.

There is no cost involved and supper will be provided.


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