East Gippsland Rail Trail Release 5th Edition Brochure

Media release

EAST GIPPSLAND RAIL TRAIL management committee recently delivered the 5th edition information brochure and map to visitor information centres across the region and many local businesses and other points of public encounter, including the Bairnsdale Railway Station.

This edition was made possible thanks to the support given by eighteen local small businesses who paid for an ad, and the efforts of committee and other volunteers.

The new fan fold A3 brochure features the salvaged homing signal which in the past sent trains on their way to Orbost from Bairnsdale. It is now standing at the entrance at McEacharn Street. Also prominent in this edition are the historic bridges at Nicholson and Wairwea Road. There is intense interest now in seeing the latter returned to use as an iconic tourism attracting feature on this high value trail. The byline on the brochure says it all: “Walk or ride, this rail trail is more than a pathway! Come and explore unique East Gippsland”.

Michael Oxer Chairperson,
EGRT Committee of Management
M: 0419 583 482
E: eastgipprailtrail@wideband.net.au



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