Further Economic Research Released on Rail Trails

La Trobe University Associate Professor Sue Beeton has released the results of a further study into the economic effects of Regional Communities and Cycling.

The study was conducted on the Murray to Mountains rail trail in north east Victoria, Australia’s most well used regional rail trail. It follows up on a study of several Victorian rail trails Professor Beeton carried out in 2003.

This study indicates that the Average Expenditure, per person per day is significantly higher than the 2003 report.

The report concludes

Rail Trails provide outstanding opportunities for tourism and recreation, and can encourage outdoor activities and exercise due to the relatively gentle nature of the gradients and the attractive places many pass through. The also provide economic opportunities for the local host communities as well as the increased pride ‘showing your place’ to visitors creates. However they require not only funds to be developed, but significant maintenance support. In addition, local businesses and communities need to proactively develop, manage and promote the Trails to their markets. Successful tourism does not simply happen – it must be planned for and managed for the long term.

The full report can be downloaded here

Professor Beeton has also produced a summary fact sheet that can be obtained by contacting her on Email or contacting Railtrails Australia.

Professor Beeton would appreciate being made aware of if (and when!) this research has assisted any rail trail groups – for her own ‘professional’ and personal interest.

More information on the Murray to Mountains rail trail including map.


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