Have you hired an e-bike to ride a rail trail?


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One comment on “Have you hired an e-bike to ride a rail trail?”

I own an e-bike which I ride regularly on the BVRT. I have ridden the BVRT in 1,2 & 3 days and ride sections of it almost weekly. I have ridden the KKRT on it Kingaroy to Murgon and return several times; part of the Hervey Bay to Maryborough Rail Trail more than once. We recently had a Rail Trail holiday to Victoria and rode the GVRT and most of the Murray to Mountains RT (both in more than one section at a time.) On the way we spent a few days cycling around Canberra.
E-bikes are excellent for rail trail riding, especially for me, an age pensioner.
Charging infrastructure is seriously lacking. Esk has an excellent facility at Brisbane Valley Roasters. Charging times is a restricting factor.
I get 80 to 95 Km from a full battery. For longer rides I carry a second battery. I have been caught with flat batteries a couple of times.

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