Oberon – Tarana Rail Trail (NSW) Construction to Begin

The proposed rail trail is 190km west of Sydney and when fully complete will be 24km long. Click here for more details of the rail trail

The Oberon Tarana Rail Corridor Committee has succeeded in obtaining a total of $250,000 funding plus ‘in-kind’ pledges of $350,000 to commence the first 5km stage of the project.

The combined funding came from a Federal Tourism Development Grant, RTA and Oberon Council with pledges from community members and businesses.

The grant ensures that stage one of the project from Oberon Station to Hazelgrove Station should be well on the way during 2006 and will include the construction of a quality sealed cycleway, running parallel to the existing tracks, as well as a parking and picnic area at Hazelgrove Station. Stage one will include a return loop along Blackbullock Road and Hazelgrove Road and the Blenheim State Forrest to Oberon, a distance of around 12km.

Part of the funding will be used to begin restoration of the rail infrastructure. A rail heritage group is hoping to run a rail service of some sort on the line and when this eventuates the two will complement each other.

Obtaining this funding is a great achievement and is a small step in getting more rail trails established in NSW.

A more detailed report will be in the Autumn edition of the Railtrails Australia newsletter. This will also include an update of our efforts to get the NSW Government to develop a framework to make the task of establishing a rail trail far easier.


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