Rail Trails Australia’s New Website Launched

What’s new

For the public the new website offers

  • up to date and detailed mapping based on Google Maps.
  • more comprehensive trail descriptions
  • many more images for most trails, and
  • the ability to post comments for each individual trail

For the hardworking volunteers that maintain the web site it offers a much more user friendly interface and functionality to produce the maps, even with little technical ability.

The Transition

Unfortunately the forum from the previous website could not be readily incorporated into this new site, so this will be considered once we have had a chance to review how the new website is being used.

People who were on the news email list for the previous website have automatically been added to the new email list for the new site.  However if they wish to post comments on trail descriptions they will have to register again on this site.

Support Rail Trails Australia

The new website has taken a significant amount of our funds and volunteer time to get to this stage.  We hope that people who get value from this become mmebers of Rail Trails Australia or make a donation here to help our ongoing work to assist in the development of rail trails and in their promotion.


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