Temporary closure of Zig Zag to benefit WA rail trail users

The City of Kalamunda has announced they will be closing the Kalamunda Zig Zag scenic drive to vehicles from 30 May 2020. The closure will initially be a six month trial which will be used to gauge community support.

The closure has come about due to ongoing community concerns around hooning and antisocial behaviour.

This is excellent news from a Rail Trails perspective as the Zig Zag represents a logical extension of the Kalamunda Heritage Rail Trail. According to the 2017 Kalamunda Bike Plan, there is a possibility of extending the heritage trail north towards Roe Highway, where it would connect to Perth’s Principal Shared Path (PSP) network.

The Zig Zag was constructed in the 1890s as part of the Upper Darling Range Railway.

Please see the media release

W11 016 Kalamunda zig zag 2006 10 9221
Cycling on Zig Zig road on Kalamunda Trail

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