Turana to Oberon Railtrail (New South Wales)

As previously reported the former Turana to Oberon railway is to become a railtrail using the “trail between rails” concept.

Tarana – Oberon Railtrail

The development of railtrails in New South Wales received a boost with an agreement reached on the principles of development for the Tarana – Oberon Track. At an historic meeting, held in Oberon on 16 August 2000, representatives of the State and Local Government agencies and key interest groups outlined a plan for the development of the track. In broad outline, Oberon Council will enter into a legal agreement with the State Rail Authority (SRA) to occupy the land and develop the track with the agreement of the Rail Access Corporation (RAC). The work will be undertaken in stages with participation by the Oberon Correctional Services, Australian Trust for Conservation Volunteers (ACVT), Oberon Council, local service clubs and volunteers.

Agreement to Occupy

The instrument of occupancy will be a renewable community lease at a nominal annual fee. Oberon Council will initiate the lease by formally requesting permission from the SRA to develop the track along similar lines to the recently constructed Mansfield (Victoria) track. Any conditions necessary to protect and preserve the railway infrastructure will be determined by the RAC after further inspection of the existing railway line and will form part of the legal agreement.

Management Responsibilty

Oberon Council will accept responsibility for the development and management of the track. Council will appoint a project officer from Council’s own staff to work closely with the existing working party comprising council staff, elected representatives, local business people and representatives of the interest groups (walkers, cyclists, horse riders, railway preservationists). The working party will be boosted by the addition of representatives of those who will be involved in the work and a core group will be nominated to manage the project.


At the outset the existing budgets of the involved agencies will be used to cover the initial work of putting in place the administrative, strategic and construction plans. Oberon Council will meet the cost of the preparation and processing of the Development Plan, but will seek support from the community and interested parties to offset the costs of professional and specialist tasks.

Over the longer term grant funding, sponsorship, volunteer labour and community funds will be sought to develop and upgrade the track incrementally. The Oberon Correctional Centre and the ACTV have already pledged their support for work, including the fabrication of signs.

Donald Ellsmore
Secretary, Tracks Foundation NSW Inc.
Telephone: 02 92529562 e-mail; ellsmore@optusnet.com.au


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