Warburton Rail Trail Bridge Spans Installed (VIC)

Warburton Rail Trail Bridge span being placed into position.

After a rain delay cancelled the installation on Saturday night of the central span, it was early Monday morning when the six hours of preparation came to its six minute climax and the 2 x 200 tonne cranes lifted the 145 tonne steel structure into position ready for final attachment to the piers.

Two prime movers pulled and one pushed the bridge from its assembly point at a truck stop in Coldstream to the site at the top of the hill where is was carefully manoeuvred as closely as possible to its correct alignment with the piers.

Slowly one crane took the weight of the southern end while the front 8-axle bogies were removed. Then the northern end was steered closer to the pier until a back-hoe was required to dig out some more swinging room. Once in position the second crane was brought in to lift the northern end while the rear 6-axle bogies were rolled away.

The came the big moment. Both cranes then lifted the massive steel structure up onto the piers and workers carefully aligned the new span with the existing span and secured it in place.

On Monday night adjustments were made and the southern span was also installed. Over the coming weeks final preparations will be made to the bridge before it is open to the public.

Click here for the Warburton Rail Trail description including some photos of the bridge installation.


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