We did it! Preliminary work on New England Rail Trail can now proceed


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2 comments on “We did it! Preliminary work on New England Rail Trail can now proceed”

G'day everyone! Where the hell is Armidale? Between Tamworth and Wallangarra !!! It's such a joke that Communities all over the East Coast, NEED to BEG for their relevant Local Governments, to turn old disused railway corridors into amazing recreation facilities. Promoting healthy outdoor exercise for Local Folk and Tourists. It's exciting that some of these old 'forgotten' transport corridors are 'slowly', becoming transformed. The trains won't return! Same old transport corridor but, a different / better form of transport !!! Proven to date, that this is rejuvenating the Towns that suffered due to the closures of the Railway Lines. Not rocket science! Just get it happening all over Australia!

Well done Peter! As a retired GP who has done quite a lot of Rail Trail cycling here and in NZ, I can't believe the benefits to public health and the health of our local economies are being treated in such a cavalier fashion by vested interests.Our roads are unsafe for the young and those of senior years to consider using on a regular basis for exercise or the pure enjoyment of getting out into the fresh air with friends. My wife and I have also seen the huge benefit to many small towns from an influx of cyclists keen to cycle and boost the local economy. Who knows what badly needed professional may be encouraged to relocate to a town with the foresight to use its rail corridors as Rail trails.
I hope in the future, when people hear of Armidale, they will immediately say, "ah yes, that's where the New England Rail Trail starts!"

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