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Batlow - Tumut Rail Trail - Trail Description



Batlow - Tumut Rail Trail

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Type: Rail trail
Location: Tumut is located 400km south-west of Sydney
Start/end: Batlow to Tumut
Status: Possible
Length open: 0km
Surface: Sealed
Terrain: Farmland with mountain views
Best seasons: Spring and Autumn
Public transport: Coach
Features: tourist
Contact Region: Country NSW & ACT
Tumut station  (2016)
Tumut station (2016)
Not yet open



When constructed, the rail trail between Tumut and Batlow will be 32km in length. The abandoned Batlow line branches at Gilmore and follows, roughly, the picturesque route of Gilmore Creek. 

Batlow is at an altitude of 775m and the rail trail will fall 470m down to Tumut with constant picturesque views of the Gilmore Valley. 

Batlow is 40km by road north of Tumbarumba, which has a 21 km fully-sealed rail trail to Rosewood.

The disused railway line between Tumut and Batlow is owned by the NSW State Government and was originally part of the longer Cootamundra to Tumut (104 km) line. 


Tumut and Batlow are both situated in the Snowy Mountains lower levels, to the north-west of the main Great Dividing Range. Tumut is a major regional town on the Tumut River, on the same latitude as Canberra, and has a population of around 6000.  

Batlow has a long history as an orchard-based town. There are many apple and stonefruit orchards in the area.   

The only station remaining is at Tumut, which is well maintained, located near the Tumut visitor information centre.

The intention is to construct a rail trail that will be family-friendly, with a surface and facilities suitable for all types of bicycles and scooters. The trail will also be suitable for walkers, creating additional walking options in the region. It will contribute significantly to local tourism, and give a major boost to the local economies of the region.

Background Information

The disused railway line between Tumut and Batlow is owned by the NSW State Government and was originally part of the longer Cootamundra to Tumut (104 km) and Kunama (an additional 35 km from Gilmore Junction) branch lines. Train services began to Batlow in 1922, and ended in 1983. The line was used mainly for fruit haulage. The whole branch line between Cootamundra and Tumut was closed in 1984 after sustaining major flood damage.

The Batlow-Tumut trail will also be part of a group of regional rail trails, encompassing Gundagai to the north and Tumbarumba to the south. Refer to the Murrumbidgee Rail Trail Proposal.


For further information about the local Batlow - Tumut rail trail group, click on Batlow to Tumut Facebook page

For more information on tourism in the Tumut and Batlow regions, click on this link:  Batlow-Tumut Visitor Info

For information on the Gundagai sections of the trail, see Gundagai Trail Info

September 2020

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Batlow - Tumut Rail Trail group seeks funding for a feasibility study

(Posted: 18/05/21)

The Batlow to Tumut Rail Trail Association in NSW has launched a gofundme campaign to raise funds to conduct a full feasibility study of their proposed 32km Batlow to Tumut Rail Trail.


Batlow-Tumut Rail Trail needs your support

(Posted: 27/04/21)

The Batlow-Tumut Rail Trail (BTRT) Association is fundraising for a detailed Development Plan for the Batlow-Tumut Rail Trail so that this project will be "shovel ready" when the State Government gives the green light.


Batlow businesses rally in support of the Batlow to Tumut rail trail - fresh impetus for trail development

(Posted: 11/07/20)

With the success of the nearby Tumbarumba to Rosewood rail trail in attracting tourists now clear, business owners and local stakeholders headed by the Batlow Development League gathered in Batlow on 17 June 2020 to promote the next steps in developing their long-awaited rail trail to Tumut.


The proposed Tumut to Batlow Rail Trail

(Posted: 23/02/16)

Rail Trails for NSW hosted the official launch of the proposed Tumut to Batlow in February 2016