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Westside Bike Path - Trail Description



Westside Bike Path

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Type: Rail trail
Location: 2km West of Adelaide.
Start/end: Mile End to Glenelg
Status: Open
Length open: 9km
Surface: Sealed
Public transport: Train, Tram
Contact Region: South Australia
Glenelg to Adelaide (Nov 2011)
Glenelg to Adelaide (Nov 2011)
Suitable for walking Suitable for cycling mountain bikes Suitable for cycling touring hybrid bikes Suitable for wheelchairs Suitable for prams Suitable for scooters in line skates



Following the route of the Holdfast Bay Railway, this mostly tree-lined on- and off-road trail winds through the inner Adelaide suburbs before emerging at the beach in Glenelg.

  • Glenelg has a wonderful beach and many shops and restaurants
  • The area around Moseley Sq. is a major entertainment area of Adelaide
  • There are many busy street crossings, only some with lights, so take care.
  • The trail is popular with walkers and cyclists, many of whom use it as a commuter trail to the city, and also with skate boarders.
  • Sections of the trail are provided with overhead lighting. (1/08)


Access Points

  • Mile End. Across the railway tracks from Mile End Railway Station, besides James Congdon Drive
  • Richmond. Corner of Deacon Av and South Rd
  • Glenelg. Corner of Dunbar Terrace and Brighton St

Adelaide to Glenelg (9km)

  • Starting at the Mile End Railway Station close to where the Holdfast Bay railway met the existing tracks.
  • The first 2km runs besides busy James Congdon Dr. After you cross South Rd, the trail enters parkland and is surrounded by quieter streets.
  • After another 2km look for the remains of Plymton station platform to the right. There is a shelter and a cairn here.
  • Cross Marion Rd at the pedestrian crossing and continue south west along the trail. This section is illuminated at night.
  • You will pass the Immanuel Primary School on your right just before entering Camden Oval in suburban Morphetville.
  • Follow the trail through the oval onto a marked path beside the Anzac Highway. This is the last section of the original railway corridor. The rest of the trail is on-road.
  • Cross the Anzac Highway at the pedestrian crossing, and proceed straight ahead into Grove St.
  • Turn right at the 'T' intersection at the end into Dunbar Tce. You will now run alongside the Glenelg tramway route.
  • Follow this quiet terrace for 2km, until you reach Brighton Rd, Glenelg, where the trail ends.
  • Cross Brighton Rd and proceed along Jetty Rd to Moseley Sq and the beach.


For more information on this trail see the book Rail Trails of Victoria and South Australia.

Background Information

The first Railway to Glenelg was opened in 1873 by the Adelaide, Glenelg, and Suburban Railway Company, and ran from South Terrace. The Holdfast Bay Railway Company opened a competing line fom North Terrace seven years later. The two companies amalgamated a few months later, and operated the railways until 1929. The Municipal Tramways Trust took over the South Terrace line and it became the Glenelg tramway, that still operates today. The North Terrace line was closed at that time.


June 2011

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05 December , 2016 by cascho

I was on this trail today, and I would classify this as a trail for the surrounding communities rather than a journey trail. The trail surface is excellent and easy to follow, but there are a lot of road crossings, so many that it's hard to get any speed up. Overall an okay trail, but not for tourists or trail riders.

10 October , 2015 by ken.evanoff

I love rail trails, but I won't be riding this one again. You have to stop every 100-200 metres to cross roads, or wait at lights and you are never far from the roads and cars. It finishes on Anzac Hwy, so you have to connect to the Mike Turter Bikeway if you want to get to Glenelg. The Torrens River ride nearby is much better with less stopping and starting and much better scenery.

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