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North East Tasmania Rail Trail - Trail Description



North East Tasmania Rail Trail

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Type: Rail trail
Location: Scottsdale, 62 km north east of Launceston.
Start/end: Scottsdale to Tulendeena
Status: Open
Length open: 26km
Surface: Fine gravel
Terrain: Hilly
Contact Region: Northern Tasmania
The Tonganah to Tullendeena section has dense forest and numerous tree ferns (Malcolm Cowan 2015)
The Tonganah to Tullendeena section has dense forest and numerous tree ferns (Malcolm Cowan 2015)
Suitable for walking Suitable for cycling mountain bikes Suitable for cycling touring hybrid bikes



  • A spectacular rail trail with lush forest vegetation that still provides views of the surrounding mountains.
  • The trail has a good gravel surface, suitable for all weather and best ridden on a mountain bike.
  • There are two highway crossings, both with good sight lines.
  • There are numerous interpretive signs to provide a background on the area and the railway.
  • Has the potential to be an iconic rail trail stretching 106km back to the state's second largest city of Launceston.

Support Services

Art Gallery Cafe logo webScottsdale Art Gallery Cafe and Bike Hire

Northern Tasmania's largest privately owned Art Gallery, showcasing superior artworks by Tasmanian artists. Our Coffee Shop "Cafe Martin" is constantly changing our menu and  we offer bike hire too.




Access Points

  • Scottsdale - the trail starts at the old Railway Station in Ellenor St (accessed between the Mitre 10 Store and the railway crossing on the road).  Also Kings St (which is the main street) though no car parking.
  • Tonganah - Off Tonganah Rd. (sign posted from highway),7km east of Scottsdale
  • Tulendeena - Snake Track (rail trail sign posted)

Scottsdale to Tonganah (10km)

  • The trail descends through picturesque farmland to the Great Forester River at Tonganah.
  • This section is generally suitable for hybrid bikes though some rough sections that are still being worked on.

From Scottsdale rail station car park, head south out of town crossing Ellenor and King Streets.

The trail passes through farmland before crossing the Tasman Highway at Tonganah.  It passes behind some big sheds and wood yards and then runs parallel to the road through bushland for a couple of kilometres before crossing the highway to what was Lings Siding and the lowest point of the trail at the river.

Scottsdale is the major regional centre with a range of facilities for visitors.  Scottsdale has free camping (North East Park), a supermarket and a bicycle shop, the Red Dirt Cycle Company.

Tonganah to Tulendeena (Billycock Hill) (16km)

  • Its a gentle but steady climb almost all the way from Tonganah up to the former station of Tullendeena then to Snake Track, a few km short of Legerwood.
  • At the start the trail goes off the corridor to divert around some old mining pits that were dug after the line beyond Tonganah was removed.
  • You can go down Snake Track to get into Legerwood though it is a busy gravel road and steep in places.

This section of the rail trail winds through beautiful tall forests with spectacular tree fern-lined cuttings and huge embankments across gullies, well away from any roads. As it climbs, the trail provides views through the trees to the farmland far below. To gain height, the trail winds back on itself in a huge S-curve. Heading uphill, in the middle of the S-curve, the trail you have been on is far below on your left while the trail to come is above you on your right.

There are no facilities at Tonganah or Tulendeena. Legerwood has no real facilities either, though local residents have made the former station site worth a visit with its unique tree carvings.  It also has toilets and a souvenir shop operates most days from a former rail wagon, which also sell soft drinks.

Background Information

The 124 km railway to Herrick branched off the Bell Bay railway line at  Coldwater Creek Junction, 13km north of Launceston.  It reached Branxholm in 1911 and finally Herrick in 1919.  It was closed back to Tonganah in 1992, the rails in this section were removed around 1996 and the land returned to the Crown.

The Rotary Club of Scottsdale and other volunteeers did an amazing job in developing the first 14km section of the trail in relatively short time from Tonganah to Billycock Hil, which opened around 2012.

Scottsdale to Tonganah was opened in November 2015 by the Rotary club with funding from the Tasmania Community Fund and assistance from the Dorset Council.

Future Developments

Funding has been announced to extend the rail trail another 70km back to Tasmania's second largest city, Launceston.  Presumbably in Launceston the Rocherlea Rail Trail will be utilised. 

Many would like to see the rail trail continue a further 2km from Billycock Hill down to the township of Legerwood.

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A background to the Legerwood memorial trees.

Scottsdale Visitor Information Centre 

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Support Services and Attractions

The Red Dirt Cycle Company - In Scottsdale, providing Tasmania with the best cycling experience available

January 2017

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19 January , 2018 by Goward

We rode the trail over two days. The first day we rode from Scottsdale to Tonganah Station and back, and the second day we rode from Tonganah station to Legerwood. We camped at Northeast Park, which had direct access to the track (3km into the start). Six of us rode the the track ageing from 13 - 82. The track on the first day was a little rough, and in parts was made up of large rail rocks. However the second day was smother. Along the last 10km of the track were a couple of huts that we stopped at for morning tea and lunch, with the second one having a tank full of drinking water. The track is very well signposted, however the end of the track is confusing. It comes out beside the Tasman Highway, and you have to ride down the side of the highway until you get to the gravel snake track which leads you to Legerwood.

15 October , 2017 by victordesousa

An easy 26 km from Scottsdale to Billycock Hill, or, as we attempted an enjoyable but tiring 52 km round trip. Well signposted. We cycled to Billycock Hill for our packed lunch, but would suggest stopping at Kamono Station (20km mark) for a more pleasant setting. Billycock Hill stop is on the Tasman Highway with lots of traffic. Take lots of water too, we only had 1 litre each and would suggest 2 litres. The climb to Billycock hill is long and will drain any part time cyclist. Recommended if you are in the area.

13 August , 2017 by

Bicycle Network is keeping a close eye on progress of extension of the North East Rail Trail between Launcestion and Scottsdale. Updates can be found here:

22 March , 2016 by jomurray8

We cycled this rail trail ifrom Scottsdale to Billycock Hill in late February and really enjoyed it. However, there was one problem - the signage at intersections was poor, being on the wrong side of the track and therefore not visible. Hence, we cycled a few unnecessary kms on wrong tracks. The signs simply need to be relocated from one side to the other so they can be seen on approach.

05 January , 2016 by Peter Arvier

We also rode this trail over the New Years Day weekend from Scottsdale to Legerwood and return. Highly recommended and full marks to Scottsdale Rotary Club, Dorset Council and all those who have worked so hard to get it to this stage. Great accommodation and hospitality in Scottsdale and even a micro brewery producing some great local beers. Looking forward to extension of the trail over the last few km into Legerwood to avoid the road traffic. Also looking forward to seeing the trail all the way along the disused line from Launceston (and through the fantastic tunnel at "Tunnel") to Branxholm, Derby (linking up with the superb mountain bike trails) and Winnaleah. This will be one of the great rails trails of Australia!

03 January , 2016 by abrafam

Message from Jesse: We just rode from Billycock hill to Scottsdale and it was amazing - thanks!! On the way, we lost our hand held gps. It's a little black Garmin gps, lost around the clay dam or sometime past that towards Scottsdale (so about 10km before Scottsdale). If it's found, that would be amazing!!!! Thanks so much.

29 March , 2015 by Triley

I travelled to Tasmania a few weeks ago and on my to do list was to walk this rail trail sadly when i arrived I was greeted with CLOSED FOR MAINTENANCE is it possible to keep us updated when work is to be carried out

03 February , 2015 by nicholasambrus

Hello everyone, I've been comiossioned by the Rotary club of Scottsdale to make a web page for the North East Rail Trail. I was wondering if I could use some of your comments as personal experiece quotes for the page. I would also like to link your you tube video ash_shell, if that was ok with you? Tullendeena Express ( Rohan ) I would appreciate it quite a bit if you would be able to help with some personal comments as well and i will be adding a back story about the history of the railway with pictures if I can get hold of them. Would also like to know what sort of Bikes you used on the trail? Any personal experience information other than my own would help a lot. e-mail Cheers Nic

28 December , 2014 by ash_shell

Agree with all the tips below. I have made a YouTube clip to help!!! We got extremely lost at the start... Don't follow the rail trail at the start follow the road past the lakes. (see this intersection on the clip!!) Rode to approx 16.5km and the track was still going (approx 2.5 hours) Return was from Ledgerwood end was 50min (very fast and fun down hill!!!) Track was a lot smoother from 12km plus Overall very beautiful and scenic!!! Can't wait for new sections to be completed (Scottsdale - Toonganah and Ledgerwood - Derby)

18 December , 2014 by Jarman

Our family of 4 (2 kids under 12 yrs) rode this trail today. Yes it is a very lovely trail but totally uphill on a rough surface is hard going. The turnoff is well mark as is the "car park" and every kilometer however there was one vital sign missing in the second kilometer meaning we got quite lost. Once you go past the dam there is a right hand turn, if you go past a saw mill or hit a road you have gone too far. As others have said the surface is really hard going, they need a roller to go over the surface a few times. The website says it goes to 14km but we got to 15km mark and it was still going so obviously they have done more track, I don't know how far it goes to though as the kids were tired and we turned around.

29 April , 2013 by parvier

We rode this trail at Easter. A magnificent trail in the making. A bit rough for our hybrid bikes though - would certainly benefit from some compacted fine gravel to make it more user friendly. Trail bike riders ignoring the access signs was very disappointing - needs some suitable barriers in place. Looking forward to further developments - has the potential to be one of the great rides in the country.

15 August , 2012 by Tullendeena Express

MAGNIFICENT AND BEAUTIFUL--THIS WILL BE ONE OF THE GREATEST RAIL TRAILS IN AUSTRALIA The railway between Scottsdale and Branxholm was completed in 1912 and later extended to Herrick after the first world war. The section past Scottsdale, over the Great Forester River beginning at the APPM Claymine and pine siding at Tonganah. This line is best described as MAGNIFICWENT AND BEAUTIFUL . The track curved and double backs on it's self all the way up through the mountain main of granite, between Hand Dog Hill and Cockatoo Hill, LOOK UP TASMAP FORESTER 1:00,000 topographic for reference. The only other line in Australia with similar track design is the Cains to Kuranda railway. The ferns, plants, tall string bark, dogwood musk, thick carpets of moss and lycen growning on the railway cutting faces is something special. The line closed in 1994 and pulled up about 1996. I also walked this section 3 times when trains wra still running. There were three sidings up in the mountain: Trewalla, Kamona, and Tullendeena on the top of BillyCock Hill. (Named after the Billy Cook Hat lost by a teamster with pack horses who found his hat the next trip where someone had sat it on top of a fern tree (Manfern)). The Railway Department maintained it's policy to give indigenous names to new station stops The Engineer in charge of the construction was Mr Ross Reynolds and built under budget even though there are over 120 cutting through solid granite, rotten granite, mud stone and soil. THIS IS GOING TO BE ONE OF THE GREATEST RAIL TRAILS IN AUSTRALIA and I ask people to support it. The Scottsdale line from Cold Water Creek or Turners Marsh, Karoola, , Lilydale,Lilydale Falls, Tunnel, Denisons Gorge (Once a popular picnic locatio now over grown with Blackberries) , Wyena, Golconda, Nabowla,Lone Star, to Scottsdale is a great walk. I use to walk the railway track often and sometimes ride in the cab of a locomotive. THe tunnel at tTnnel is about 750 metres long. The water spring flows out of the a pipe in the wall. cool great taisting water all year round. Don't forget to stop at Lebrina General Store for a coffee. TASMAP 1:100.000 St Patricks topographic. I HOPE ONE DAY YOU WILL RIDE, WALK, MOBILITY SCOOTER OVER THE BILLYCOCK OVER THE TOP AT TULLENDEENA via THE FOREST ROUTE. GOOD LUCK.....Rohan

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Tasmanian Rail Trail Legislation Needs Your Support

(Posted: 24/09/16)

Legislation to enable further rail trail development in Tasmania is facing opposition in the Upper House.


North East Tasmania Rail Trail Open to Scottsdale

(Posted: 10/01/16)

The North East Tasmania Rail Trail has been upgraded and extended to Scottsdale.


Tasmania North East Rail Trail Funding Announced

(Posted: 20/05/15)

The North East Rail Trail in Tasmania has received almost $1.5m in federal government funding.