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Magnet Mine Rail Trail - Trail Description



Magnet Mine Rail Trail

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Type: Rail trail
Location: 82km south west of Burnie, 356km from Hobart
Start/end: Waratah to Magnet Mine
Status: Open
Length open: 16km
Surface: Compacted earth
Contact Region: Western Tasmania
The start of the rail trail at the Waratah local tip. (Dec 2010)
The start of the rail trail at the Waratah local tip. (Dec 2010)
Not yet open



A delightful trail, running through lush rainforest to the site of the Magnet Mine. The mine site has good places to camp and relics to explore. The trail begins 1.75km west of Waratah at the local tip. The trail follows the route of the former Magnet Tramway, built in 1901 to carry silver-lead ore from the Magnet Mine.

 For more information on this trail see the book Rail Trails of Tasmania.

May 2011

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11 January , 2019 by jaktembo

We set out at 9am for this ride with the kids,B12 and G10. We were on kmart el cheapo bikes and knew this would be a big ride. The first 5 minutes was mud but an online report i read said to persevere. indeed we did. Armed with a big stick which i waved in front to clear cobwebs, we made out way downhill through ruts, over roots and through branches to the river crossing at the 10k mark. Here we removed shoes, socks and long pants to wade through. Putting shoes back on on the few dry flatish rocks was like playing a game of twister. The track thinned out giving half its width way to a well flowing creek. We walked for about an hour on the dry bits while our bikes were wheeled through the water. at times it became impossible to keep our feet dry, G10 feel into a knee deep bit, by then we had given up the dry feet thing. At about midday we arrived at a big open plain about the size of 2 footy fields, i thought this was it, nice but a bit underwhelming. We were not sure if this was the mine or not so we went for a bit of a walk but could only go about 150m. Sat for 10 minutes by the river, filled water bottles and rode a bit further up the track and there was the mine. No doubt about it.... 16k downhill from our start point. We left here about 12.30ish and decided to compete the circuit towards Whytes Lookout. We got a bit lost trying to find the way out as the main track went in the opposite direction. We went where the compass was pointing, this was not rideable and quite a rugged single track straight through the other side of the mine. It didn't feel right but we kept on. We passed a pretty cool "hole" in the embankment beside us about 250m in. It was pretty spooky even though it didn't go in too far. 100m past that the track came to a dead end at a big ravine. It was not the right way. We concluded that the main track that headed in the wrong direction must turn back on itself and rode back that way. It was the correct way fortunately or maybe unfortunately as it was uphill, uphill and more uphill with unrideable shale/river rocks for about another 2.5k. It was pretty hard yakka, 2pmish with hot sun in parts. My water was running low and i knew i had to ration it to make it last. Finally at 19k we hit the main road and the hills were over. The kids excitement at reaching the road was short lived as i told then we had 10k of main road to get home. At least it was bitumen and plenty of downhill bits and no harsh uphill. We rolled into our driveway exhausted at 3.40pm and almost 33k. It was an amazing adventure, one of our best ever. I got a fair bit of video and stills and will be making a video of our journey one day.

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