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Of the states, Victoria has the most developed rail trails. The trails have been divided by region.

Timber tramways were once common around the state. These were lightly constructed railways used for logging. Many are now accessible as walking tracks. These pages list some of the most developed ones.

If there are others you know of that you think should be included here, please email at the address in the Contact Us section.

The main rail trails in Victoria are shown on the map above. Choose a region for a complete list of trails.

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Webb Dock Bridge (0.5km)

Location: Docklands, 1km from Melbourne

Suitable for walking Suitable for cycling mountain bikes Suitable for cycling touring hybrid bikes Suitable for wheelchairs Suitable for prams Suitable for scooters in line skates

Casterton to Branxholme Rail Trail (0km)

Location: South Western Victoria in the vicinity of Hamilton

Not yet open

Powelltown Tramway (0km)

Location: East of Melbourne in the Upper Yarra region, 80km from Melbourne

Suitable for walking

Lockington to Kotta (0km)

Location: 198 N Melbourne

Not yet open

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