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Hamilton to Coleraine Rail Trail - Trail Description



Hamilton to Coleraine Rail Trail

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Type: Rail trail
Location: 286km west of Melbourne
Start/end: Hamilton to Coleraine
Status: Closed
Length open: 0km
Surface: Coarse gravel
Terrain: Flat
Best seasons: All
Public transport: Train
Features: tourist
Contact Region: Western Victoria
The trestle bridge over the Grange Burn near Hamilton. It is not accessed by the trail at this time. (2010)
The trestle bridge over the Grange Burn near Hamilton. It is not accessed by the trail at this time. (2010)
Not yet open



  • This undeveloped trail goes through attractive rolling red gum country and passes near the Wannon Falls.
  • All the sleepers and rails have been removed and it is quite walkable, and maybe rideable with a mountain bike in sections.
  • Most of the trail is fenced off to address conservation issues.
  • Native grasses and vegetation are flourishing.

Points of interest in Coleraine:

  • Points Arboteteum – which has the largest collection of eucalypts in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Chocolate factory.
  • The restored station is now the Information Centre and well worth a visit


The Committee of Management advise that this rail trail is not yet open.

Start Point

About two kilometres north west of Hamilton the trail starts on Balkins Rd



From Balkins Rd the trail is walkable to the Wannon bridge. This bridge is not able to be crossed, but by following the  Wannon-Nigretta Fall Rd south to Wannon Falls you are able to travel along the Glenelg Highway west towards Coleraine, and north again to the trail near the Wannon caravan Park.

Though rough, 11.4km of the trail can be walked or ridden with a mountain bike or hybrid. This section is from Balkins Rd to the Wannon-Nigretta Fall Rd.

The trail to Coleraine is walkable (perhaps mountain bike access) except for the last 2 kms. At this point walkers or riders can follow Cavendish Road into Coleraine. The committee and council are keen to improve the trail and hope to improve the surface in the future to enable it to be ridden, walked and enjoyed.

Background Information

The railway line opened in 1888, with two trains daily carrying wool, skins, butter and passengers. It eventually closed in 1977. The Station at Coleraine was restored and opened as a Tourist Centre in 1993. It is now home to a tourist information room with historical information and places to visit.


Committee of Management::

Rowena Ford 0407 507 575 or 2 Brung Brungle Rd, Wannon 3301.

Download a brochure and map here


January 2016

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Contact Us About This Trail

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30 September , 2017 by OldChalkie

Section 4 of this trail from Russels Rd to South Reeds Rd is in reasonably good nick but there are three locations where sizeable trees fave fallen across the track, The bridge over the Sandy Creek is signed "No Access" but was the only way over because the creek was high. From South Reeds Rd (Section 5) the surface of the track becomes bumpy and overgrown but I was able to ride the entire length by following kangaroo/wallaby runs. There is one fence without proper gate access. You can walk from the Wannon-Nigretta Falls Rd to the rail bridge over the Wannon. I wouldn't try biking it because the track is very rough and overgrown with thorny wattle. The bridge is worth a look but is signed "Strictly No Access" with good reason. I took a few photos you can access at All in all this is a lovely ride through gorgeous country. Some minor maintenance on stages 4 and 5 of the track would improve it greatly for bike riding.

28 September , 2017 by OldChalkie

Rode this trail from Balkins Rd crossing to Russells Rd crossing on Sept 28. The track is in excellent condition; ideal for mountain or hybrid type bicycles. There is a boardwalk crossing over McKinnon Creek. The countryside is beautiful with large redgums a prominent feature. Pity one cannot stop to boil a billy as campfires are prohibited on the reserve. Saw a large mob of eastern greys with some males of imposing stature. Birdlife is plentiful with sulphur crested cockatoos and crimson rosellas the most numerous. Looking forward to completing the next section of the trail from Russells Rd to Wannon in the near future.

15 May , 2015 by d000d

Rode my mountain bike from Hamilton to Wannon-Nigretta Falls Rd Oct 2014. Just so long as you are happy to go through some gates and put the bike over the fence a couple of times it is a good ride. There is one point where you have to walk through a short section of marshy ground but otherwise the trail is mostly well graded gravel. I tried to go past the Nigretta rd and it is bone-shakingly rough (sleepers removed, not graded) and dont even think about crossing the very dangerous bridge. Turned back and took the opportunity to ride to Nigretta falls. All in all great fun.

22 December , 2012 by Hilary

I am looking forward to the development of this local rail trail, an asset that is sadly missing in our community. Look forward to helping. thanks and keep up the good work

25 January , 2012 by cos

Anyone interested in walking sections of this 34km trail, can contact Secretary 0427 752 246, for advice. We now have a ride-on slasher and have slashed quite a bit of the trail - wherever the introduced grasses were a nuisance. This will happen more regularly now that we have our own equipment. This is a high conservation reserve, and we do ask you to leave dogs at home - this is also an area of concern for adjacent landholders with sheep. Also, on fire-ban days, we would not encourage walkers - apart from fire danger concerns, it would be unpleasantly hot. Apart from those two matters, if you are up for a walk on a less developed track, go for it - fantastic views, lots of cross-roads where you can leave a vehicle, etc. We can email a pdf of our Management Plan - it has maps and track description. Coralie Coulson, Secretary, Hamilton-Coleraine Rail Reserve Committee Inc.

09 January , 2012 by hdechelard

Although still under development there are some very pleasant walks to be had along sections of this rail trail. Some great geocaches to be found too. Keep up the great work guys.

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