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Marino Rocks Rail Trail

South Australia

Location: Marino Rocks
Length: 16 km
Surface: Sealed
Start / End: Adelaide CBD to Marino Rocks Railway Station
Public Transport: Bus, Train
Suitable for:
  • Cycling – Mountain BikesCycling – Mountain Bikes
  • Cycling – Touring and Hybrid BikesCycling – Touring and Hybrid Bikes
  • PramsPrams
  • Scooters and Inline SkatesScooters and Inline Skates
  • WalkingWalking
  • WheelchairsWheelchairs

Map Legend:

  • Rail Trail
  • On Road
  • Potential Rail Trail
  • Other Trail
  • former Railway
  • The trail provides a link between the Adelaide CBD and the start of the Coast to Vines Rail Trail
  • The trail is a safe rail-side trail suitable for all ages
  • The trail connects with many interesting side trails

Nearby Attractions

  • The trail links Adelaide with the start of the Coast to Vines Rail Trail at Marino Rocks
  • The trail also links with the Mike Turtur Rail Trail, Sturt River Bikeway, the Adelaide Parklands Bike Trail and the Coast Park Trail.
  • It is a commuter trail between Marino Rocks and Adelaide City as well as being used as a recreation trail on weekends and holidays.
  • It has a smooth sealed surface for the entire length.
  • The trail is often ‘on road’ however through clever engineering, physical barriers (concrete and or vegetation), cyclists are separated from motor vehicles

Last updated: 31 January 2022

The Marino Rocks Rail Trail is a rail-side trail which follows the Adelaide to Seaford railway line using a combination of on-road and separated shared use paths. As the trail follows a busy railway line, the crossing of main roads is often made easier when traffic is stopped by trains which allows cyclists to cross roads with safety.

Section Guides

Adelaide to Sturt Creek Bikeway (8km)

  • The Trail leaves the Adelaide Parklands Trail just north of Anzac Highway and heads south, along the rail reserve, under Anzac Highway and past the Adelaide Showgrounds Railway Station. This section is a shared use path and there are often many pedestrians using it to access the railway station.
  • At Leader Street, cross the railway lines and take an immediate turn to the left into Nairne Terrace. At the end of Nairne Terrace a shared use path continues into a reserve adjacent to the rail corridor and past the Goodwood Station. Ahead you will see the Adelaide Glenelg tram overpass, proceed through the tunnel in the overpass and continue heading south along Lyons Parade.
  • The Mike Turtur Bikeway (also a rail side trail) follows the Adelaide to Glenelg tram line and crosses the Marino Rocks Greenway at this location as it heads west to the coast.
  • Lyons Parade and Cromer Parade provide a quiet on-road ride adjacent to the Rail Corridor through to a lengthy shared use path which extends to South Road.
  • South Road passes over Cross Road and the railway line so you will need to use the traffic lights to cross the South Road service road and Cross Road. Once you are on the southern footpath of Cross Road ride a short distance on the path and turn left into Railway Terrace.
  • Railway Terrace is a relatively quiet road however there are several busy roads to be crossed. Pedestrian and cyclist crossing points have been provided however the frequent trains running parallel to railway terrace provide opportunities from crossing these roads.
  • After Dunorlan Road, cyclists can use a dedicated path between the rail corridor and the roadway. Separation from motor vehicles is provided by a strip of vegetation.
  • When you reach Daws Road, use the pedestrian crossing to the right to cross and then proceed along the shared use path to another pedestrian crossing to cross Marion Road. You can now use the quiet Minchinbury Terrace to travel toward the Sturt Creek.


Sturt Creek Bikeway to Marino Rocks Railway Station (8km)

  • The Marino Rock Greenway crosses the Sturt Creek in a reserve area. The Sturt Creek Bikeway heads right to the Mike Turtur Rail Trail and Anzac Highway while to the left the bikeway leads to the Southern Expressway and the Patrick Yonkers Veloway.
  • Follow Murray Terrace and the rail line until you reach the Oaklands Railway Station. Look for the sign on the left which directs you to the pedestrian/cyclist bridge over the railway line. Once over the railway turn right and head down and under Diagonal Road. The path resurfaces on Addison Road which can be followed all the way to Brighton Road.
  • At Brighton Road the trail crosses the railway line and the roadway. This is achieved through dedicated bike lanes and two sets of traffic lights which allow you to undertake a right turn then a left turn. Of course, this can be complicated when a train crosses at the same time but the light sequence is very good.
  • Having turned left into The Crescent, the next 4km of the trail to Marino Rocks Station is mostly located on street bike lanes with blue and white signs placed along the route to guide you. The ‘sharrows’ line marking will also provide good guidance.
  • When you reach Jetty Road, you should have spotted some seagulls and smelt the salty sea breeze because you are less than 500m from the coast. If you are after a bite to eat or drink, the cafes along Jetty Road are worth a look. See side trails below.
  • Continue along the on-street bike lanes by following the following roads – Cedar Avenue, Station Avenue, Young Street, Kauri Parade, Sherlock Road, Newland Avenue, Jervois Terrace and finally The Cove Road. You will then arrive at the Marino Rocks Railway Station which is the start of the Coast to Vines Rail Trail.


Side Trails

Sturt Creek Linear Park Trail

At the end of the first section the trail crosses the Sturt Creek Linear Park Trail. The path can be followed to the north to link with the Mike Turtur Rail Trail and to the South to link with the Patrick Yonkers Veloway. Further information of the trail can be obtained from the link below

Coast Park Trail

When the trail crosses Jetty Road, Brighton you are able cycle a short distance to the beach (walk along the footpath if the traffic is heavy). Once on the beach there is a good shared use path (the Coast Park Trail) that can be followed south to the Kingston Park Caravan Park where Burnham Road and Strickland Road can be use to re-join the trail to get to the Marino Rocks Railway Station, the commencement of the Coast to Vines Rail Trail.

If returning to Adelaide you can ride along the Coast Park Trail in a northerly direction until you get to Glenelg where you can use the Mike Turtur Rail Trail to return to the city.

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Background Information

Traditional owners

We acknowledge the Kaurna people, the traditional custodians of the land and waterways on which the rail trail is built.


Development and future of the rail trail

 The trail is well developed however as opportunities arise it is expected that further steps will be taken to replace on-road sections with shared use paths.


Rail line history

The Marino Rocks Greenway follows the Seaford Rail Line which transports resident of the southern suburbs of Adelaide to the Adelaide CBD. The line was constructed to Goodwood in 1883 and was progressively extended southward as the southern suburbs expanded. By 1915 it had extended to Marino Rocks and then inland to McLaren Vale and Willunga.

The line from Marino Rocks to Willunga was removed in 1969 (the rail corridor is now the Coast to Vines Rail Trail) and a new line from Marino Rocks to Noarlunga Centre was constructed in 1978 and extended to Seaford in 2014. The line from Adelaide to Marino Rocks was reconstructed and electrification carried out in 2011.


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