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    Rail Trails Australia, Inc.
    PO Box 6067
    Caulfield South  Vic  3162
  • 0401 959 315
  • 94 479 743 813


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Note: When contacting Rail Trails Australia about a specific trail or region, please specify the name of the trail or region in the subject line of your email.Please report problems with a rail trail to the appropriate authority responsible for the trail. This is usually the Local Council or Committee of Management. Rail Trails Australia does not manage individual rail trails.

To contact Rail Trails Australia regarding rail trails in a specific region, please email the appropriate representative from the list below.

If you know the trail name but not the region, use the Trail Finder at the top right of this page to find the description page. At the bottom of the page is the email address for the corresponding region.

Note: Rail Trails Australia is not a travel agent, broker, advisor, planner or service provider. If you are seeking information on accommodation, bike hire or other third-party services relating to specific rail trails, please refer to appropriate resources. Such services are beyond the scope of our volunteer resources.

New South Wales

Will Owens
Southern region
John O’Brien
Central/Northern region
Jeff Ibbotson
Southern region
Stephen Brown
Northern region
Sam Reich
Sydney Metro/Hunter


Jeff Nolan
South East region
Josie Sheehan
South east region
Peter Tuck
Northern region
Desley O’Grady
Central region
Mark Linnett

South Australia

Mark Draper
Northern region
Tony Farmilo
Southern region


John Moorfield


Damian McCrohan
North East region
Peter Signorini
Inner & Outer Metro area
Keith Cook
West Gippsland and South East region
John Birrell
East Gippsland region
Jenny Mustey
North and Central region
Darren McClelland
Western region

Western Australia

James Pearse
All regions
Tash Groessler
All regions
Donovan De Souza
All regions

Northern Territory

Northern Territory


Damian McCrohan
Steven Kaye
Gary Allan
Robert Zucker

Committee Members


The Rail Trails Australia committee meets usually meets on the first Tuesday evening of the month via video conference. Members, and any others interested, are welcome to come along. If you would like to attend a meeting, please contact us on  or on 0401 959 315 to confirm details.