Sharing Trails

Trail Etiquette

When using rail trails, respect the rights of other users, the natural and cultural environment, and the local communities that care for trail.


  • Keep left and do not obstruct the trail
  • When stopping, move off the trail surface to allow others to pass safely
  • Cyclists: alert other users of your approach and pass on the right at a reduced speed
  • Approach horses with care
  • Move quietly near stock
  • Park in designated areas where provided and don’t block access tracks
  • Leave gates as you find them
  • Observe local signs and regulations


  • Keep on the track
  • Many native plants are protected and generally should not be sampled
  • Clean bikes, walking boots and other equipment after your trip to minimise the spread of plant and animal diseases
  • Do not interfere with wildlife
  • Take your rubbish home with you
  • Observe local fire restrictions and be particularly cautious on total fire ban days


  • Dogs are allowed on most trails but may not be allowed where there is a risk to wildlife or livestock
  • Keep dogs under control at all times
  • Dogs should be kept on-leash except in specified off-leash areas
  • Clean up after your dog

For your safety

  • Exercise caution at road crossings; young and inexperienced cyclists should dismount
  • Carry plenty of water and light snacks
  • Consider appropriate clothing for the conditions
  • Riders, wear an approved helmet and ride in control
  • Maintain your equipment, and carry repair and first aid kits in case of emergencies
  • Let someone know before you go