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Rail Trails Australia’s website and social media is where most people go to for information about rail trails Australia wide.

+300k Annual users on website
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It contains a wealth of information about walking and riding rail trails including maps, trail descriptions and photos. Rail Trails Australia also supports individuals and groups involved in rail trail development and marketing with resources to support their work.

Cyclists and walkers often spend a number of days in a region, seeing local sights and sampling local fare, and checking out local arts, crafts and other attractions. They are looking for information about any return trail transport options, where to stay, eat and drink, where to get extra bike gear or have repairs done, and what other interesting or ‘must see’ things to do there are after exploring a rail trail.

We want even better information and links for key local trail services that support the rail trail experience. We welcome advertisements for services such as bike hire, cafes, wineries, accommodation options, transport connections and nearby attractions. Get involved! By listing your business, you not only promote it, but share the benefits of the many and growing number of rail trail visits – and demonstrate how rail trails are dynamic, supported experiences.


Your listing will be prominently displayed  in the description and on the map for your chosen rail trail(s).

  • Your listing will contain your business name and a one line summary of your business, on one rail trail homepage with a logo and link to your website contact details (or alternatively social media). For an example refer to the Great Victorian Rail Trail description.
  • If desired we can provide regular statistics on how many times your link was selected.
  • The price for advertising one rail trail is $99 per year with reducing rates for additional trails.
  • You can advertise on our home page —- please contact us for further details

For an additional $20 per year you can also have your business promoted two times per year on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

To advertise please go to the item in our Online Store.

Thank you for supporting the pleasure and enjoyment of rail trails!

RTA Advertising Terms and Conditions

  1. Advertisers must advertise material or content that is relevant to users of rail trails in Australia.
  2. Rail Trails Australia reserves the right to edit or withdraw advertising that is irrelevant, offensive or unsuitable, without notice or refund.
  3. Advertising from general retail or manufacturing businesses may not be accepted.
  4. Website advertisers must supply their own content – including images and logos for ads, and suitable wording (up to 50 words).
  5. Advertisers acknowledge and agree that they have permission from all other relevant parties to use images, logos and words that advertisers supply to Rail Trails Australia; Advertisers are liable for all costs to Rail Trails Australia arising from any breach of this condition.
  6. Website advertisements will run for 12 months from the date of initial placement.
  7. Social media advertising can only be purchased by website advertisers.
  8. Social media advertisers agree to supply material suitable for re-posting, subject to the conditions above.
  9. Social media advertisers agree that Rail Trails Australia will endeavor to meet the advertisers preferred calendar dates for purchased social media advertising but actual social media posting dates will be at Rail Trails Australia discretion.
  10. All social media posts must be used within the time period from date of purchase unless otherwise agreed, and cannot be carried over.