Management Resources Overview

Management Resources Overview


Rail Trail Establishment Guidelines

We have produced a manual on CD-ROM outlining the the steps to get a rail trail established.

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News and Information


There are now rail trails all around Australia and in other countries too. Rail trails link big and small country towns and meander through scenic countryside just as railways did in the past.

What are they like?

Rail Trails Australia publishes a magazine Rail Trail Connections three times a year. Rail trail committees and friends groups are eligible for a free subscription. Please contact us for more information. However if your resources permit we encourage you to become paying members of Rail Trails Australia – doing so helps us cover our printing costs and also allows you to vote for the Rail Trails Australia committee.

Back issues more than 12 months old can be found here.

Information Sharing

Share information with other trail groups on our Facebook page.


Trail Descriptions

We include descriptions of all Australian rail trails on our web site. Help us keep the site up to date – let us know of changes to your trail.