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Website Rail Trail Descriptions

In 2021 our website had over 275,000 users. Our website includes descriptions of all Australian rail trails, whether open or proposed, to gather support. Make sure your rail trail is on our website and providing the best up-to-date impression of your rail trail. There is a contact email under Further Information in each rail trail description or Contact Us for a new rail trail.

Rail Trail Community Benefits – Video and Business Cases

In 2021 Rail Trails Australia in collaboration with Bicycle NSW and Rail Trails for NSW produced a video to document the local economic benefits of rail trails. The video is freely available and can be used by you to show community members and local councils how a rail trail in your area can build local economies. You can access the video HERE or directly below.


Further to the video, RTA has started compiling examples on other rail trails of how businesses have benefited from the rail trail, in turn benefiting the local community.

Download the file here.

Information Sharing

Share information with other rail trail groups and users on our social media pages, refer links in the header of each website page.

Rail Trail Connections Magazine

Rail Trails Australia publishes a magazine Rail Trail Connections three times a year to provide current information on rail trail development and rides to our nearly 1000 paid members and rail trail stakeholders.

Rail trail committees and friends groups are eligible for a free subscription. Please contact us for more information. However if your resources permit we encourage you to become paying members of Rail Trails Australia – doing so helps us cover our printing costs and also allows you to vote for the Rail Trails Australia committee.

Back issues more than 12 months oldĀ can be found here.


Rail Trail Establishment Guidelines

We have produced a manual outlining the the steps to get a rail trail established.

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