Map Legend:

  • Rail Trail
  • On Road
  • Possible Rail Trail
  • Other Trail
  • former Railway
  • The Lilydale to Warburton rail trail is one of Australia's most popular, with a backdrop of mountains including Yarra Ranges National Park this trail passes through a picturesque landscape following the Yarra River Valley.
  • Starting from the end of the metropolitan rail network at Lilydale then heading through increasingly rural landscape to the resort town of Warburton nestled in the mountains in one direction, and Yarra Glen in the other.


  • Plenty of good places to stay and great things to consume in the region’s cafes, pubs, wineries and restaurants.
  • Many towns at regular intervals along the route.

Trail Guide

There are two sections to this rail trail

  • The 40 km Lilydale to Warburton section
  • The 7.5km Yarra Valley Trail section, from Lilydale to Yering (with the 4.5 km on to Yarra Glen under construction)

Most of the original station platforms are still present with replica station signage, however many station buildings have been lost through time.

While many of the busy road crossings have treatments to assist trail users, there are still some without this requiring care and patience.

Access Points

Listed below for each section. Trail Access Hubs have been constructed with car parking, picnic tables, bike racks, information boards and water refill stations. There are also horse stabling facilities at Woori Yallock.

Section Guides

Lilydale to Mt Evelyn (7 km)

  • The section has a climb up to Mt Evelyn (from both directions).
  • There are some steep gradients for a diversion around Mt Lilydale College, which has taken over some of the former rail corridor.
  • The Red Bridge over the 6 lane Maroondah Highway at Lilydale is a major feature.

Access points

  • Lilydale Station, terminus of the Melbourne metropolitan train network. Car parking on holidays.
  • Trail Access Hub at Beresford Rd with limited parking. Car parking available in Creek Rd.
  • Old Gippsland Rd. Lilydale. Good car parking available.
  • My Evelyn, Wray Crescent. The former Mt Evelyn station has plenty of car parking and community facilities with toilets nearby.

Mt Evelyn to Woori Yallock (16 km)

Access points

  • My Evelyn, Monbulk Rd. Car parking available at Trail Cafe.
  • Wandin, Trail Access Hub at the former station, off the Warburton Highway.
  • Seville, car parking available at the former station on the north side of Victoria Rd. Carriage Cafe is a short walk on the south side of Victoria Rd.
  • Killara Station, between Seville and Woori Yallock. Car parking available in Kylie Lane. Picnic tables available also.
  • Woori Yallock, Trail Access Hub and horse facilities at the former station at the bottom of Syme Rd.

Woori Yallock to Yarra Junction (9 km)

Access points

  • Launching Place General Store, plenty of car parking available near the former station site. A hotel is also nearby.
  • Yarra Junction. Plenty of car parking available.
  • The Station building at Yarra Junction is the original building from Lilydale Station and is now a museum

Yarra Junction to Warburton (8 km)

Access points

  • Warburton Hub. Car parking at the former station site the town. Cog Bike Cafe and Cog Bike Shop both trade at this point, as well as plenty of other options in the town.

Lilydale to Yering (7.5km)

Access points

  • Coldstream Station – Parking available
  • Yering Station – Parking available with other facilities planned in the near future.

Background Information

Traditional Owners

We acknowledge the Woiworung people, the traditional custodians of the land and waterways on which the rail trail is built.

Development and future of the rail trail

The Victorian Railways connected Warburton and Healesville with Lilydale on separate branch lines.

Lilydale to Warburton

The Lilydale to Warburton rail trail started as one of Australia’s first rail trails in the mid 1990s and was completed back to Lilydale in 1999. The impressive bridge across the 6 lane Maroondah Highway was constructed in 2011 completing the link back to the Lilydale station.

Lilydale to Yarra Glen

In April 2016 the Shire of Yarra Ranges authorised design of the Yarra Valley Trail to proceed, which will include extending the rail trail to Yarra Glen.  The Yarra Valley Trail will continue on a side path to Healesville then by aqueduct and other means to Woori Yallock on the Lilydale to Warburton rail trail, forming a huge picturesque loop for cyclists and other users. There will also be north and south Yarra Glen loop rides connecting to the Yarra Valley Trail, leading to amazing scenery, many wineries and the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie.

In 2019 work started on extending the rail trail to Yarra Glen to allow a real rail trail experience of the beautiful Yarra Valley, as both Yarra Glen and Warburton are on the Yarra River. This extension will bring the rail trail to over 50kms in length. Stage 1A is now complete with a high quality trail connecting Lilydale with Yering.

  • Stage 1b – 4.5 km – Yering to Yarra Glen. This stage will feature new bridges to replace the 500m long heritage bridges across the Yarra Flats that were tragically destroyed in the 2009 “Black Saturday” bushfires. There will be a new bridge over the Yarra River with an elevated trail leading to the Yarra Glen station precinct. The newly reinforced and repaired bridges will keep the existing character in line with heritage guidelines.The Yarra Glen rail trail extension will provide a safe and convenient commuting and exercise route to Lilydale for Yarra Glen residents.

The Feasibility Study Summary can be downloaded here, which contains full details of the proposed Yarra Valley Trail.

Rail Line History

The Warburton railway line was opened in 1901 to ferry farm produce from the Yarra Valley to Melbourne. Timber was also a major commodity being transported on the line after many tramways through the Yarra Valley forests were linked with the line at Warburton and Yarra Junction. The line closed in 1965 and the track removed in 1969. Rails are still be visible at some of the level crossings. An historic bridge near Anderson St. Lilydale is on the original alignment of the road over the railway until the road was moved. The new Maroondah Hwy Bridge has been designed to resemble the original much smaller bridge removed many decades ago.

The railway line from Lilydale to Healesville was completed by the Victorian Railways in 1889 and closed in 1981. The Yarra Valley Railway has access to the Yarra Glen – Healesville section and currently run services between Healesville and one of the major features of the line, a tunnel about 4km away.  Reconstruction of the line on to Yarra Glen to connect with the rail trail is ongoing. The rail trail would also complement the Yarra Valley Railway as currently occurs on the Bellarine Rail Trail near Geelong.


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Map Legend:

  • Rail Trail
  • On Road
  • Possible Rail Trail
  • Other Trail
  • former Railway
  • One of Australia’s best known and most popular regional rail trails
  • The perfect introduction to northeast Victoria’s mountains, farmland, history, gourmet produce and wines
  • The entire rail trail is sealed, and mostly flat apart from the Everton to Beechworth/Yackandandah section


  • Nearby Milawa gourmet region, with an off-road trail between Milawa and Oxley
  • Short side trips to Eldorado, Milawa, Lake Buffalo, Mt Buffalo, Stanley and Wandiligong
  • Renowned Rutherglen winery region
  • Bright’s spectacular autumn colours and alpine scenery
  • Historic Beechworth is also a noted (cooler climate) wine growing area and with spectacular autumn displays
  • Beechworth and Bright have extensive mountain biking facilities and opportunities

Trail Guide

The Murray to Mountains Trail consists of three trails:

  • The Mountain section from Wangaratta to Bright and Beechworth is 97 km long and follows the picturesque Ovens Valley, which produces hops, berries, nuts and grapes
  • The Murray section from Rutherglen to Wahgunyah is 9 km long across this famous wine-producing area
  • The Heritage section from Wangaratta to Oxley is 9 km long, basically flat and crosses farmland as it heads toward the gourmet region of Milawa
  • Wangaratta, Beechworth, Myrtleford and Bright are Major towns with all services

Section Guides

Wangaratta Station to Bowser (8 km)

The rail line to Bright left the main Melbourne to Albury line at Bowser. A network of pathways, levee banks and disused roads is now used to reach Bowser.

  • Follow the signs from Wangaratta Station to the trailhead at Apex Park next to the Ovens River
  • From the park, a pathway runs beneath the road and on to a flood levee bank before paralleling the Wangaratta to Bowser road, which has the first of several rest areas with a steam locomotive theme.

Bowser to Everton station (18 km)

  • The trail now crosses flat farmland with distant views of the Everton Hills
  • After 11 km the site of Tarrawingee station is reached and the trail climbs gently to the Everton station site, formerly a junction to Beechworth or Bright
  • It’s also a junction for the trail to Beechworth, which heads off to the left; Myrtleford and Bright are to the right

At the Wangaratta-Eldorado road, cyclists can make an on-road diversion to the impressive Cock’s dredge at Eldorado, returning to the trail on the Eldorado-Tarrawingee road (18 km round trip).

In Eldorado there are public toilets, a general store and a cafe (Firebox Cafe). The Cafe has variable opening hours so visitors should check before relying on it to be open.

Everton station site to Myrtleford (26 km)

  • This section undulates through farmland and native bushland to Taylors Gap (where the original cutting here has been filled in to improve the Great Alpine Rd) before beginning the descent into Myrtleford
  • At Myrtleford much of the railway easement has been sold; follow the Rail Trail signs through town

Myrtleford has plenty of accommodation and facilities

Myrtleford to Bright (30 km)

  • The trail rejoins the original alignment at Jones Reserve, then rises at a gentle continuous grade as it follows the Ovens Valley to Bright. Mt Buffalo looms on the right and the high country approaches in front.
  • Farms growing berries and grapes may tempt you to make a detour to taste their wares
  • At Porepunkah the trail passes beneath the highway bridge. Take a dip in the nearby Ovens River if the day is warm enough. The trail follows the Back Porepunkah road and returns to the railway corridor
  • The end of the rail trail is the old Bright railway station, now a museum open on Sundays or by arrangement

Porepunkah is a popular summer holdiday destination.

Bright is also a very popular tourist town with its proximity to the alpine area. It is a regional centre with many facilities.

An easy ride on a bitumen sealed bike trail runs from Bright and alongside Morse’s Creek to the small historic village of Wandiligong. NOTE: The sealed trail now extends further up the Ovens Valley to the Tawonga Gap Rd turnoff. From there the 16 km Great Valley Trail will take cyclists further up the valley. Construction of this extension is due for completion in January 2022. This trail will connect at the Trout Farm to the 5km Harrietville Trail which already runs up to Harrietville.

Everton station site to Beechworth (16 km)

  • This section is peaceful and attractive with a mixture of bush and farmland. This has one of the steepest grades that were allowed for a broad gauge branch line, so some may find the gradual climb challenging
  • The last section is a gentle descent to the old Beechworth station. Turn left at Albert St and follow it into town or continue on to the Lake Sambell Reserve trail and Chinese Gardens

Historic Beechworth has many attractions, with many festivals and events throughout the year.

Beechworth to Yackandandah (22 km)

This section is under construction and only half open.

A lot of the corridor has been sold off so most of it is not on the original formation.

  • This section is also attractive with a mixture of bush and farmland, and also has one of the steepest grades that were allowed for a broad gauge branch line, so some may find the gradual climb challenging.
  • From Beechworth station the general route of the old rail corridor is followed around the Lake Sambell Reserve.
  • It then diverges away and becomes a road-side path as far as Kibell Lane. From here the unsealed but fairly smooth Kibell Lane is used. After a short steep descent it becomes the old rail corridor with many large cuttings and embankments and views out over the valley below. The lane has limited slow speed traffic.
  • At the end of Kibell Lane the rail trail proper starts again with more cuttings and embankments as it continues to descend.
  • At Star Lane the trail leaves the old corridor again so turn left onto a roadside path which takes a dog-leg down to the main Beechworth – Wodonga Rd. As per the map some users may prefer to keep going on the quiet Star Lane directly to Beechworth Rd.

This is as far as the rail trail is open at the moment (November 2021)

Historic Yackandandah has a lovely main street and all the facilities of a small town.

Rutherglen to Wahgunyah (8 km)

  • The station at Rutherglen is easy to find; look for the wheat silos behind the historic main street
  • The trail traverses vineyards and farmlands to Wahgunyah, signalled by the large Uncle Toby’s production centre
  • At Wahgunyah some of the track has been left in place for possible use by the local rail heritage group. The trail finishes alongside the Murray River

Both Rutherglen and Corowa/Wahgunyah are well set up to cater for visitors.

Bowser to Rutherglen on-road link (42 km)

  • For those keen to ride between the main rail trail at Bowser and Rutherglen, an on-road option is shown on the map
  • All roads are 100 km/h and have no shoulders. Bowser to Springhurst is lightly trafficked service roads, Springhurst to Rutherglen has regular traffic. Note when turning off the rail trail at Bowser, Morrison’s Rd is unsealed; Byawatha Rd 400 m further is sealed.
  • To go via Chiltern and have a bakery stop is more than 20 km further. At Springhurst overpass continue straight on Gayfers Rd, then turn right at the T-intersection to a bitumen road then left on to a gravel road past a few farms to the Horns Access road. Turn left into a tunnel beneath the highway, then over the railway and on to Racecourse Rd and follow the signs into Chiltern. Follow the blue signs featuring R for Rutherglen and follow the Old Howlong road and Cornishtown Rd into Rutherglen, a total distance of close to 70 km

Wangaratta to Oxley (9 km)

  • The formal rail trail begins next to Targoora Park Recreation Reserve and travels along the old rail line in the Wangaratta to Whitfield Road reserve,
  • Before reaching the Hume Freeway, the path crosses to the east side of the road reserve to pass beneath the Freeway adjacent to King River
  • after rejoining the road reserve the trail crosses to the west side and continues to (and crosses) the Glenrowan to Myrtleford road, the current terminus of the rail trail
  • A shared path continues by crossing the Wangaratta to Whitfield road and proceeds adjacent to the road to Oxley and Milawa townships.

Background Information

Traditional Owners

We acknowledge the Waveroo people, the traditional custodians of the land and waterways on which the rail trail is built.

Development and future of the rail trail 

The 31 km extension of the rail trail from Beechworth to Yackandandah is scheduled to open mid 2022.

Construction of the rail trail began at Bright in 1993, and finished in 2002 with the opening of sections to Wangaratta and Beechworth.

The trail between Rutherglen and Wahgunyah on the Murray was completed in 2009.

The Wangaratta to Oxley section of the trail opened in 2011, providing tourism links with the Oxley and Milawa regions. Extension of the rail trail toward Whitfield is also planned.

Rail Line History

The branch line from Bowser (Wangaratta) to Everton and Beechworth opened in 1875 and was extended to Yackandandah in 1891. A second branch line was built from Everton to Myrtleford in 1883 and extended to Bright in 1890. Everton was once an important regional railway junction, but little evidence of it remains today. The line from Beechworth to Yackandandah closed in 1956 and the last train to Beechworth ran in 1977.

Beechworth, originally known as Mayday Hills, was a major gold mining centre in the 1850s. You can explore traces of this activity at Woolshed Falls, the Gorge Scenic Drive and the Old Powder Magazine. Beechworth Historic Park surrounding the town has unusual cypress-pine/box woodland and box-leaf wattle.

The line to Bright was popular in the early 20th century with tourists visiting the picturesque town of Bright and Mt Buffalo Chalet, built and owned by Victorian Railways. The line closed completely closed back to Bowser in 1987.

The line from Springhurst to Wahgunyah opened in 1879. Passenger services ended in 1962, and goods services closed in 1995.

The original King Valley rail route, 49 km from Wangaratta to Whitfield, was Victoria’s original narrow gauge line. The line opened in 1899 and closed in 1953.

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The Bike Hire Company (Beechworth) – Offers bike hire and transfers

Tel: 0400 345 648  Website:

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