2012 Easter Rail Trails User Survey

Once again the Tourism and Hospitality Research Unit at La Trobe University is conducting the tri-annual survey of rail trail usage. This year the survey will expand to cover a wider area, aiming to reach accross most of Australia’s rail trails.

The aim is to get feedback on the contributions rail trails make to the local communities and municipalities through which they travel.

A flyer is beging distributed to as many trail management groups as possible during this week, so look out for them and tell your rail trail loving friends about it. The flyer will contain this link to the survey https://www.research.net/s/RailTrails2012 and also a QR code for you if you wish to take time out of your trail travels to fill out the survey on your smart phone.

If you are interested the results from the 2009 survey, they can be found here: http://www.latrobe.edu.au/thru/publications/research-reports

For more information abouth the survey plese contact Dr Sue Beeton at La Trobe University, S.Beeton@latrobe.edu.au or phone +61 3 9479 3500.


La Trobe University, Rail Trails Australia and rail trail management and friends groups Australia wide thank you for your assistance.


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