Autumn Edition of Rail Trail Connections Member’s Magazine

This year’s Autumn edition of our quarterly member’s magazine, Rail Trail Connections, will be distributed this week. Here’s a quick peek at what you can look forward to.


President’s Platform The regular summary from our President
A Rusty Red bridge The construction of a major link on the Warburton Trail.
2 Days & A Night on the BVRT Highlighting the positives.
O’Keefe Rail Trail bridges Some history and helping hands.
London to Christchurch By Bike Boat & Rail Trail How a rail trail changed a tourist’s view of her world trip.
A Timboon Sojourn A boys weekend of golf, whiskey… and cycling the Crater to Coast.
Timboon bridge Opening Celebrating the official reopening of Curdie’s Trestle.
Atherton Tablelands Rail Trail Taking Shape … And making some sacrifices.
Fires & Floods Damage and recovery from all extremes.
Emergency Markers ‘Saving time, Saving Lives’ on the Murray to the Mountains.


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