Bellarine Peninsular Rail Trail Update (Vic)

Information courtesy of the Bellarine Peninsula Railway.

The Bellarine Peninsula Rail Trail runs from the outskirts of Geelong to the sea-side town of Queenscliff. From Drysdale to Queenscliff it parallels the Bellarine Peninsula Tourist Railway.

Drysdale rail station is now complete with a kiosk which is open on train running days. Hot/cold drinks and snacks are available. Information and maps of nearby attractions are also stocked.

Due to incomplete signage, the trail is difficult to follow from the Geelong direction when approaching Drysdale. Cyclists and walkers should cross High St then follow the fence along the rear of station platform. A small grey building is then visible (toilets) to the left about 50 meters beyond the main station building. Proceed along the left side of this grey block to pick up the trail running parallel to Station St. Signage is in place the rest of the way.

Note that horses are not permitted on the trail between Drysdale and Queenscliff. Also, the railway requests that cyclists and walkers do not enter the railway yards at Queenscliff or Drysdale. These areas are off limits to the public and are potentially hazardous.

The Bellarine Peninsula Railway caters for bikes on all it’s trains, Bike tickets are just $3. Trains run every Sunday, most public holidays, Tuesdays and Thursdays during school holidays. Trains depart:

  • From Drysdale to Queenscliff at 12.15pm(return) and 3.30pm (one way)
  • From Queenscliff to Drysdale at 11.15am and 2.30pm (both return trips)

Trains will stop to pick up/set down at ‘Lakers Siding’, ‘Ward Road’ or ‘Suma Park’ on request to station staff. An intensive service runs over Christmas/New Year (daily). At Christmas and Easter a different timetable operates, phone (03) 5258 2069 or (03) 52 513725 or visit the railway’s web site.

Special train on the Bellarine Peninsular Tourist Railway.
Special train on the Bellarine Peninsular Tourist Railway. Photo credit: Alexander McCooke

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