Blue Mountains Rail Trail Study – Request for Consultant Proposals

For several years the idea of a rail side trail besides the main western railway line on the Blue Mountains has been proposed. Railtrails Australia is not aware yet how much would actually be a true rail side trail as some of the trail would have to be built alongside roads or through parkland. However if constructed the trail would be a great boon for cyclists and walkers anyway.

The Blue Mountains City Council are currently seeking consultant proposals to conduct a feasibility study on this 13km trail. This news item is to assist the council’s search for consultants and to inform the general public interested in this proposal, as we currently do not have a description on our website.

Information and the brief for the project are available for download from this link

or contact Glenn Sherlock

Strategic Planning Specialist – Transport, Blue Mountains City Council

02 4780 5692 or email .

Proposals must be received by 5pm Wednesday 15 April 2009. Railtrails Australia has no involvement with this study and all queries should be directed to Glenn.

The last page of the brief contains a map of the proposed route.

We congratulate the council on undertaking this study and look forward to the results of the report.


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