Building a rail trail in North East Tasmania has moved an important step forward

Building a rail trail in North East Tasmania has moved an important step forward with the State Government handing over control of the public land corridor to Dorset Council.

Once built, the North East Tasmania Rail Trail will extend about 40km from the town of Lilydale to the largest North East Tasmanian town of Scottsdale.

Dorset Council, based in Scottsdale, was this month appointed the Corridor Manager by the Tasmania State Government.

The Council proposed in 2014 to convert the unused North East rail line to a rail trail. The North East line turns off the active Launceston-Bell Bay rail line at Coldwater Creek, on Launceston’s northern outskirts, and extends 60km to Scottsdale.

Following a State Government report in 2018 and Legislative Council inquiry last year, the trail has been reduced to the Lilydale to Scottsdale project. A heritage rail project is also proposed for a section of the line closer to Launceston.

Dorset Council is continuing working with the community group North East Recreation Trail Inc to make the project a reality.

Dorset Council supports the project and being appointed corridor manager is a wonderful step forward. Dorset must submit development applications for the project with the applications assessed and approved by another council before building can start.

The trail will link with the existing 28km rail trail from Scottsdale to Billycock Hill, north-east of Scottsdale. This existing trail was built and is managed by Scottsdale Rotary Club.

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