Coast to Vines Rail Trail Detour (SA)

Map of detour during Seaford Rail Extension project construction. Credit: South Australian Government Department of Transport, Energy and Infrastructure

The Seaford Rail Extension project works at Seaford requires the Coast to Vines Rail Trail to be temporarily diverted until May 2012. The rail line which currently terminates at Noarlunga Centre Railway Station will be extended to Seaford along a new 5.7 km route.

The Coast to Vines Rail trail will be detoured through the township to keep trail users a safe distance from construction works.

This map to the right indicates the detour. Please see The Seaford Rail Extension Project website for more details about the project.

The Detour from the south:

After crossing Griffiths Drive and Linton Terrace, travel 200 metres north and turn right then left into Farrow Circuit.

Almost immediately follow Farrow Circuit to the right towards Eric Rd. Turn left at Eric Rd.

At Seaford Rd turn Right, left at McMillan, then left at Railway Rd and back onto the trail.

See also our Coast to Vines Rail Trail Description.


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