Daylesford to Woodend Trail is another step closer (VIC)

Domino Trail between Trentham and Lyonville. Photo credit: Andy Robertson

A Trentham based group continues to work closely with those individuals and organisations on whom they will depend for leadership and assistance to develop the Daylesford to Woodend Rail Trail.

Officers from Hepburn Shire Council recently advised that the Council expects to complete its Walking and Cycling Strategy Project Brief/Tender Documents by early November, with the successful tendering consultant appointed by the end of November.

The Council anticipates the Walking and Cycling Strategy Report will be completed around February 2011.

The group look forward to discussions with the consultant to present their case for the rail trail and appreciate the importance of the Strategy Report in the Council determining its role as a prospective rail trail stakeholder including major funding applications to State and/or Federal governments.

They also look forward to ongoing discussions with representatives from Macedon Ranges Shire Council, VicTrack/Department of Transport, Daylesford Spa Country Railway, Bicycle Victoria and Railtrails Australia.

The Trentham Residents and Traders Association (TRATA ) recently outlayed thousands of dollars on the mechanical clearing and spraying of broom, gorse and blackberry on sections of the Domino Trail as part of its VicTrack lease maintenance responsibility. It has also updated signs and maps to assist users of the trail.

The Trentham to Bullarto rail corridor including the Domino Trail, currently almost all leased by TRATA, is likely to be the first stage of a rail trail development.

Please feel free to offer comment or advice on our forums as they progress with this challenging and exciting project.


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