Drysdale underpass on Bellarine Rail Trail now open

Users of the Bellarine Rail Trail in Victoria are relieved to see the completion of the new Drysdale Bypass road project.

The project required cyclists and pedestrians to make a 500 metre detour over a six month period, involving steep inclines and declines.

The rail trail now passes under a new 25-metre arch bridge that features a striking arch design and a split stone finish in keeping with the aesthetics of the Drysdale landscape.

V12 216 Drysdale overpass 2020 07 20 web
The new overpass at Drysdale (Reg Quelch)


The surface under the overpass is quite good but there is still work in progress as rail sleepers on the adjacent heritage railway are being replaced. Users should take care to look out for heavy machinery in the precinct.

The rail trail can be accessed from the Bypass by a set of steep stairs that thoughtfully has a gutter down the side of the steps so cyclists can use the stairway.

More details about the project can be found at the Major Road Projects website.

Bellarine Rail Trail Overpass steps
Access steps with side gutter for cyclists

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