East Gippsland Rail Trail Quickly Repaired (VIC)

Sections of the Trail between Hospital Creek and Partellis Crossing which have been temporarily closed after the recent bush fire are due to be open again by the weekend of February 19 – 20.

The pathway surface will be better than ever thanks to quick action by DSE and volunteers. A timber bridge and toilet block were lost but the Partellis Crossing picnic table is open for business and looking for visitors.

The ongoing rains in East Gippsland have also brought promise of a rapid greening of those grey areas.

This is a long and diverse trail. Only a part of the forest areas have been affected. Meanwhile the villages along the way are busy and Bruthen will be a magnet for visitors to the Bruthen Blues and Arts Festival from Friday 18 to 20 – a celebration of blues music, arts and entertainment.

See also our East Gippsland Rail Trail Description and also the official website.


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