Federal Government Reaffirms Support for Riverina Highlands Rail Trail

Railtrails Australia welcomes this federal government support and the hopes that major rail trail development will soon be possible in NSW.

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This part of the item is based on an ABC NSW story.

    • The Member for Eden Monaro, Mike Kelly, says the wheels are turning on plans for the Riverina Highlands Rail Trail.

Dr Kelly says the Federal Government is keeping a promise by spending $220,000 for stage one of the trail between Tumbarumba and Rosewood.

He says he understands the New South Wales Government is taking steps to amend legislation so the rail corridor is closed and can be used for the trail between Tumbarumba and Wagga.

Dr Kelly says there is enormous tourism potential in the plan.

“One of the members of the community who were opposing it went out and tried to raise a petition on the project and that petition was unsuccessful in raising any sort of significant community opposition to it, so it seems to me that the community is generally overwhelmingly in support of the project,” he said.

Dr Kelly says he has been in close consultation with the Government about the project.

“They understand the potential for projects like this, and as I understand it along my last consultation with them, steps were underway to move to make the necessary legislative changes a minute to the Government, to the executive council, was being prepared,” he said.

In his press release Dr Kelly stated that the Rudd Labor government had recently announced funding for the Pioneer Women’s Hut for an additional room to house their quilt collection. This means a total boost of $266,000 for tourism in the Tumbarumba Shire.

    • “I am proud to be able to deliver this section of the Riverina Highlands Rail Trail project for the Tumbarumba Shire. This project will revitalise the disused rail corridor site between Tumbarumba and Rosewood.

The rail trail will pass the Pioneer Women’s Hut near Tumbarumba and will bring more tourists to that important historical site. The trail will cater for walkers, runners, cyclists, disability scooters and horse riders. The project will also include an environmental clearing of the now defunct rail corridor, and a native revegetation program for the site.

The project will create an additional tourist attraction for the Tumbarumba area, as well as providing the possibility for extra business opportunities for the area.”


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