Funding Announced for High Country Rail Trail (Vic) Sandy Creek Bridge

The long awaited bridging of the gap is in sight. Photo credit: Robert W, Vic HPV

Rail trail volunteers in the North East were popping the champagne corks this week – as Victorian Regional Development Minister, Jacinta Allan announced in Wodonga funding to reinstate the iconic 660m Lake Hume Rail Bridge across Sandy Creek inlet.

Ms Allan has committed $1.35 m toward the long awaited bridge – enabling off road cycling access all the way from Wodonga to Tallangatta and beyond.

“This announcement is the culmination of years of planning and lobbying by members of the High Country Rail Trail volunteer groups” – President of the Tallangatta Rail Trail Group, Mr David Pinder said.

This final piece of the jigsaw has been eagerly anticipated since the inception of the rail trail project nearly ten years ago. The rebuilt bridge will become an icon of the trail project, drawing visitors in it’s own right. The lack of bridge is currently a significant deterrent to using this very scenic rail trail as the diversion involves 5km on the busy Murray Valley Hwy.

Without the support of Towong, Indigo and Wodonga Councils, who are also contributing $300,000, this project may have been mothballed for years. Parklands Albury/Wodonga also deserves huge credit for keeping the faith and supporting the project from the very start.

Details are yet to be finalised but it is hoped Towong Shire will award a contract to construct the bridge in the not too distant future, as tenders have already been sought. More in the Spring issue of Rail Trail Connections.

Click Here for a description and map of this rail trail.


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