Further Sections of Great Southern Rail Trail Closer to Reality


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8 comments on “Further Sections of Great Southern Rail Trail Closer to Reality”

Rode the section from Leongatha to Loch last weekend and enjoyed it immensely, I can't wait until it connects all the way back to the suburban rail network so we can get to it without having to drive out there

One thing it does need is signage on the new sections, there's no indication of how far to each town and preferably, a cross section to show the climbs

Hi Adrian, thank you for your feedback. I will follow up to see what the plans are for signage. I believe grade maps on rail trails are a great idea, especially for old people like me! Keith

Hi Louise, the design engineer advises us "We are expecting the final bridge to be finishing up late Oct-2022, with some final trail works to follow. We expect the trail to be fully open by Late Nov – Early December 2022 with an official opening in the New Year".
I will visit the site regularly and update our website with any changes. Thank you for contacting us. Keith West Gippsland Rep.

Hi Marcel, that would be fantastic. Unfortunately, we have no news of that happening the near future. I guess it all comes down to funding. If we hear anything we will post it our website. regards Keith

Hi Marcel – In great news, funding for a Rail Trail extension from Woolamai to Nyora will be sought by the South Gippsland and Bass Coast Shires, to connect the Bass Coast Rail Trail and Phillip Island to the Great Southern Rail Trail – see the news posted on 4/10/2022.

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