Great Victorian Rail Trail benefits from multiple revegetation efforts

The Great Victorian Rail Trail (GVRT) has recently benefited from the efforts of two Landcare Groups who have undertaken revegetation work to take advantage of ideal planting conditions. At Old Fawcett Road, near Alexandra, two groups of enthusiastic volunteers with the UT Creek Landcare Group planted 280 native seedlings along the trail alignment while complying with COVID-19 guidelines for outdoor activities.

Funding for these seedlings was provided by the Seedling Bank grants, a National Tree Day initiative, with stakes and guards provided by Murrindindi Shire Council.

“In addition to being great places to walk, cycle or horse ride, rail trails contain important vegetation which needs to be protected and enhanced” says Cat Thomas, Upper Goulburn Landcare Network (UGLN) facilitator. “The rail trail provides an important corridor linking landscapes along its path”.

The Yea River Catchment Landcare (YRCL) Group also planted over 200 seedlings at Limestone near Henderside Road, Yea. This site was chosen with the aim of revegetating and linking up a large gap in the remnant vegetation along the trail to assist in the movement of wildlife including the rare brown treecreeper, striped legless lizards and the brush-tailed phascogale.

Both projects were facilitated by Chris Cobern, Landcare Coordinator with UGLN in Yea. Chris assisted with site selections and planning, along with pre planting preparation, while the supply of seedlings was made possible through funding provided by VicTrack, the original manager of the rail reserve.

The importance of open spaces to exercise has become even more apparent during the COVID-19 restrictions, and its these important revegetation works the trail passes through that will further enhance the visitor experience.

GVRT Limestone YRLC planting 2 news
Lack of remnant vegetation along the GVRT at Limestone has benefited from the planting of over 200 seedling by YRCL Group. Photo: Cat Thomas
IMG 095240 3 news image
Some of the 280 seedlings planted by the UT Creek Landcare Group along the GVRT between Alexandra and Old Fawcett Road. Photo: Cat Thomas

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