Irwin Track (North Queensland) Nominated for Heritage Listing

The 5km Irwin Track at Millaa Millaa on the Atherton Tablelands in northern Queensland has been nominated for Heritage Listing by the Heritage Council of the Queensland Environmental Protection Agency.

Click here for more information on the possible rail trail including map.

Having the track heritage listed will provide a much greater chance for public access to be gained again and a rail trail constructed to the renowned Millaa Millaa falls.

Deadline for comments on this listing close on the 3rd February 2007. It is File No. 602450 for entry in the Queensland Register. Full Details

If you would like to make a submission write to

The Minister for Environment and Multiculturalism

Hon Lindel Nelson-Carr MP

PO Box 15155


If you have time also copy the letter to

Heritage Council

c/- Heritage Council Secretariat

Cultural Heritage

Environment Protection agency

PO Box 15155

CITY EAST Qld 4002


Minister for Natural Resources and Water

Hon Kerry Shine MP 13th Floor, Mineral House, 41 George St


If you still have time and paper left it would also be beneficial to let the Eacham Shire Council know of your support.

Chief Executive Officer

Eacham Shire Council

PO Box 3

Malanda Qld 4885


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