Join the Ipswich Bushwalkers club on the Brisbane Valley Rail trail

Don’t own a horse, Dont ridea bike, Well here is your chance to walk a section of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail

Join the Ipswich Bushwalkers hike along the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail from Wanora – Fernvale (7.6kms) on Sunday 29 November. This hike will be one-way .

Meet on the corner of Nicholas & South St’s in the Ipswich CBD at 7am for car-pooling to Wanora; alternately, people are free to meet the group on site at Wanora Rd, Wanora for a 7:30am start.

Members of the public walking for the first time with the group must fill out an Ipswich Bushwalker’s registration form.  Registration link

The introductory join fee is $5 (cash only), to be paid to Russell on the morning of the walk. Morning Tea will be at the Old Fernvale Bakery. The walk is expected to be approximately 3hrs in duration (7:30am start; aiming to finish by 10:30am).

For more information please contact  Russell Baker  07 3282 5534

For maps and information about the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail click HERE


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