Key section of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail, the Brassall Bikeway, reopens

A key section of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail, the Brassall Bikeway, has reopened.

Many improvements have been included in the project and made possible with funding from the Ipswich City Council and the Qld Government, through a Cycle Local Grant.

This upgrade, as well as getting more people active and riding, will also increase the safety and connectivity of the city’s cyclists and pedestrians.

Local member for Ipswich West Jim Madden stated,“On average, every dollar the Queensland Government invested in bike riding infrastructure would return nearly five dollars in economic benefit to Queenslanders with improved health outcomes, reduced traffic congestion and lower transport costs”.

For more details, please see the press release from the Ipswich City Council.

Q02 059 Muirlea upgrade 1 2020
New concrete path through the Warrego Highway underpass


Q02 059 Muirlea upgrade 5 2020
New plantings along the improved trail

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