Lake Margaret (Tas) Hydro Power Station Closure

The tramway and pipeline. Photo Credit: Alexander McCooke

On 30th June 2006 Hydro Tasmania closed the hydro power station, which was commissioned in 1914. It supplied power to the Mt Lyell mines in those days but of recent years added its capacity to the state’s grid. It drew its water from Lake Margaret, 3.5km from the station, which was purpose built to store water for the generators.

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Hydro Tasmania has said the power scheme was being closed because the 3km long wood stave pipeline, which carries water from Lake Margaret to the power station, posed a significant safety risk.

Hydro Tasmania is undertaking a feasibility study into the possible future redevelopment of Lake Margaret.

Recently Tim Fisher was interviewed on ABC Hobart radio concerning the closure and the fate of the infrastructure and Railtrails Australia spokesman Vince Aitkin was also interviewed by the broadcaster about the facility.

Members and others might be interested to read a comprehensive report about the Lake Margaret PS on Hydro Tasmania’s web site at Hydro Tasmania’s website

Railtrails Australia is supporting the retention of the site as a museum, and of course rail trail, and will keep you informed of developments.


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