Launceston to Herrick (Tas) is Growing a Rail Trail

There may finally be some rail trail activity in Tasmania with $89,000 of funding being issued to the Scottsdale Rotary Club Inc. for a section of the old Launceston to Herrick rail line, tentatively known as the North East Rail Trail.

The first stage will be a 20 km stretch from Tonganah to Legerwood. Tonganah is just 5 km south east of the existing end of the rail line at Scottsdale, near the recently closed saw mills.

Spokesman for the Scottsdale Rotary Club, Robin Thompson, says that “The grant from the Community Fund will get the Trail up and running, although we will need further funds to complete surfaces to the standard we are aiming to achieve.”

Mr. Thompson added, “We are excited about the opportunities for bike riders and local businesses. This first section will be the driver to extend the Trail through to Herrick at the bottom of the Welborough Pass and our long term vision is for the Trail to run form Launceston through Scottsdale to Legerwood and on the Herrick – a bike way to the East Coast”.

Click here for more details about the North East (Launceston to Herrick) Rail Trail.


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